Some women seem to think themselves “above the fray” because they have labeled themselves “anti-feminist”, but as we in the manosphere know, women tend to gravitate to whatever is trendiest in order to differentiate themselves from other women. All in the name of garnering attention and the desire to appear to be unique. As it is with most things concerning women, it is merely about vanity.

The female “anti-feminist” is no different in this regard and her qualification as an “anti-feminist” merely amounts to having the age-old knee-jerk reaction to the “all women are the same” sentiment and observation. Women will bellow like mad bulls and rain fire and brimstone down on any man who sees the reality—they are all indeed the same. This is especially so if one is to point out the fact that virtually all of them make the claim of being individually different, which in turn reveals them to be very much all the same. The female “anti-feminist” simply wants and is trying to be different.

Every woman has a fantasy to be the only woman who the boys are “cool” with and who is “cool with the boys”. This is the general characterization of the female “anti-feminist”—attention seeking and the woman’s attempt at individualizing and making herself unique. This tactic is effective among certain men because these women—self-proclaimed female anti-feminists—tap into a particular fantasy that is appealing to men. This is the fantasy of the “hot chick” who is “relatable”. More importantly, it tugs at the inner male-mother-need of men to be understood by a maternal figure who comforts and reassures him that, “it’s okay to be who you are.” It is okay to be an awkward, short, aimless, nerdy, needy virgin. Certainly, it is okay if there is no need to spread his genes, but that reassurance is a lot more satisfying when it comes from a female. A female that he will never be able to date or have sex with despite his insatiable desire to.

Gamer geek? Meet the “gamer chick”, with her turned up cat glasses and anime-style colored hair. Surprise! She likes anime too! Done deal! Oh wait. Guess what! She loves building computers…but hold on. Get a load of this one—she codes! If you think that’s wild; she totally digs cars and loves “watching the game”. She’s the entire package and more. An MMA loving, gun-toting, Warcraft-beasting, rough and tumbly, have-a-beer-with-the-boys kind of gal. She’s so cool!

From this moment on, he is completely sold and caught in her web of attention-seeking and veneration. She is the perpetual fantasy and illusion of the “ultimate female”; this is no different to women having a mental image of the “ideal man”. As Marilyn Manson puts it, “she and every she, is doomed to be your idea of her.” Augmenting on whim as she climbs the social ladder, all for the sake of being unique and being the girl who “can get down like that”, because it is her mating strategy. This fantasy of being “the only girl in the pack” is expressed in film and pop culture on a micro scale in films and TV shows such as “It”, “The Big Bang Theory” and the fag-hag sitcom “Will & Grace”. On the macro scale it reveals itself in the form of the “anti-feminist” female who “gets the boys”. To the Female psyche playing this role is orgasmic.

Female “anti-feminist”? It is possible, but I don’t trust it for a pico second and neither should you, because women at oft, tend to want to redefine gender roles and male identity to suit and be in service to them. True Anti-feminist women, come in the forms of Erin Pizzey, Karen Straughan: Girl Writes What, Katherine K. Young, Michelle Elliot: with her very important work on Female pedophilia, Esther Villar and a few others. These women have dedicated their lives to understanding the male psyche and experiences and therefore have a very objective outlook on the male-female dynamic. They also possess the ability to be very intuitive of the female and her dichotomies, her manipulative tendencies, selfishness and her capacity to be outright spiteful and evil. Most importantly, they are in advocacy of men being themselves—human beings and not human-doings.

Then, there is dealing with women’s subjective understandings and definitions of feminism, which does not sit well with my ass when a woman describes herself as an anti-feminist. Most women are clueless to how destructive their thinking and interventions (meddling) are and can be. They think themselves to be the answer to all the world’s ills and problems and this unique characteristic is woven into the very fibers of their existence. The anti-feminist is just another version of exactly that—thinking she is the cure to feminism and misandry, while having absolutely no clue about the male and female dynamic, her own dichotomy and solipsistic existence and behavior; far less is her understanding of men and male issues. The more she meddles and intrudes, the worst things become.

We men cannot afford to be fooled by the NAWALT (NOT ALL WOMEN ARE LIKE THAT) nonsense women love to prop up. Women are delusional and rely on other women and especially men, to maintain their delusions. Female anti-feminists still don’t get it and few ever will, simply because in order to be an anti-feminist you have to be “PRO MALE”, which requires the female to disregard her wants, needs, desires and frivolous interests. In other words, she needs be a man or at the very least, think like one.