Women are so gross and pathetic.

Imagine being so angry — psychologically – subconsciously — unconsciously — at the fact that nature did not endow you with the capabilities of harnessing her wonders, anomalies and curiosities, which would allow you to bend and manipulate her to your advantage. Imagine the anger from being beset with so many limitations that force you to oppose and hate those who are NOT limited the way you are (men). Then, think of being explained to, that the only thing nature has endowed you with, that you are SEEMINGLY in control of, you’re not really in control of; it is a shared responsibility. That is primarily the female mind and psychological array as it pertains to abortion and “Waahmen’s right to choose”.

Women are weak by every single measure of sexual dimorphism, including psychometrically. It is what nature has endowed them with. They cannot mentally or physically, of their own powers, take command of the forces of nature and will them to the benefit of all, as men have throughout human existence. This reality for women, is psychologically infuriating and the crux of the male/female dynamic of human existence – the feminine is in constant battle and at enmity with the masculine. There is an incessant need to dominate despite needing to be dominated. The perpetual need to prove herself inspite of her insatiable need to be a perpetual victim. Female psychology is CHAOS. This chaos has led her to believe because she is the incubator of the species — the offspring grows inside her — that she decides when life begins and ends. She believes she’s in control of the gestation and incubation process and this gives her power — power to control and manipulate nature as men do. I do not wholly subscribe to all of Freud’s work, but I strongly believe he was accurate about “Penis Envy”. I am loosely using the term here to mean women desire to have a penis of their own which represents male power and the ability to control and dominate.

Penis envy manifests itself in women who are opposed to men; hatred for their fathers and hatred for the men who didn’t love them hard enough to stick around and so couldn’t keep them entertained, that they want to go murder children to get back at them.

All those things mentioned above, you can’t imagine that, because it is a uniquely stupid cruelty that only women are capable of.


These dumb bitches deserve more than pepper spray.

Westerners are concerned about the poor “darlings”.


As you can see, women (these disgusting, petulant, nonthinking, cretins of the human species) (WHITE WOMEN) believe it to be a “human right”, to manipulate nature towards the doom of the White race all in the name of her ego and her insecurities.

Yeah, you see: it is the banning of abortion that is inhuman. Killing infants is peak humanity.

Women need to be put back in their boxes and never let out ever again, if the white race is to ever survive.

Another thing about this whole abortion campaign that no one seems ever to mention:

For 50+ years now, women have had access to effective birth control: The pill, diaphragms, spermicides, patches, etc. So, abortion, even if you are a secular, liberal feminist, should occur extremely rarely. Yet, they carry posters of coat hangers that read, “If Roe v. Wade is overturned, we‘ll be forced to use this [hanger]”, as if it’s 1940 instead of 2020.

Can someone please tell me why?

Then there’s the whole rape trope. As if a raped woman wouldnt get a day after pill if she was indeed raped. We are supposed to merely believe she was raped and told no one until 6 months into her pregnancy [BELEIVE WOMEN ALWAYS].

It’s all so tiresome and reveals women to be the dumb, vile, disgusting cunts they really are.

This is all about defending female irresponsibility and innate promiscuity. If you deny women their “divine right” to have multiple abortions, it’s a slippery slope until you’re forcing them to behave like human beings again, and, once women are under control and pulling their weight socially, it’ll be a process of elimination regarding who’s still actively making our society hellish to live in, and this can only end with (((them))) getting what they deserve for taking advantage of the inveterate retardation of femininity.

Abortion is a litmus test for tolerating the intolerable. If men are feminized enough to accept the social humiliation inherent to abortion, then they lack the capacity for the rational thought necessary to realize the root of all social evils we face; they too have been feminized. Supporting female liberation as a man, is like giving a tumour an affectionate nickname while it eats your internal organs. Women have the ability to become cancerous at the drop of a hat and thinking them to be capable to self-govern and be a part of public life is the mutagen that brings out the worst in them, which spells disaster FOR ALL.

I do support abortions and sterilization for Africans and PoC, though. I’ll explain another time, if it isn’t already obvious and apparent as to why.