White Americans—White liberals and conservatives—have fortunately, over several decades, successfully found a way to insulate themselves from the horror and realities of having to coexist with Africans, to the point of downright delusion. This insulation and subsequently, delusion, has led to their self-destruction. They have become ethno-racial-masochists over these decades, coddling and adopting the victim narrative in order to excuse African natural tendencies and inclinations–squalor, violence, anarchy, destruction and failure.

Barring the clear and obvious female cultural values (clear and obvious to the intelligent) at play in all of this (rescue all the kittens in the trees), the delusion and victimology has seen many whites co-opting the inner-city jingle joggers sing whenever they are apprehended—”ah cayn’t breeve”. When their innate savagery is muzzled, the “ah cayn’t breeve” chorus comes out. It ALWAYS does, so much so, it has become an expected form of resistance; not readily believed by law enforcement, but by those who hate cops. It has polarized the perspectives on police brutality, making it seem as if police brutality is a racial issue and not a problem that everyone, regardless of race, faces and experiences. That being said, the George Floyd incident is outrageous, should never have happened and deserves all of our condemnation. However, to make this about Africans and “raycism” only serves to feed those who willfully make themselves useful idiots. Besides George Floyd died of a heart attack due to drug overdose:


He also died of corona virus:


We all, regardless of race, have the probability of encountering one of those low IQ officers who have their own psychological and ego issues making them unfit to “serve and protect”.

Take a look at this video:

Now look at this one:

…and this one:

Are you catching on yet? Where was the outrage againt these numbskull police officers for these white victims of police brutality and stupidity. The knee-in-the-neck video has seen entire cities destroyed in response and the others were never heard of. People who are compliant should not be treated this way. The white guys in the previous vids were compliant and still got shot and killed. What these videos should lead us to understand is that if police officers can’t assess a threat in a situation like these, they’re just fuckin morons and unfit for the job. Which, unfortunately, some cops are, otherwise they would not be hired.

Take a look at this to understand a part of what’s going on with cops and their psyche:

US Court Ruling: You Can Be “Too Smart” to Be a Cop

Here, too:


Some, not all, of these cops are sick, low IQ, volatile assholes. Why couldn’t the cop in the video in the hotel apprehend the kid who looked only 130lbs and was nervous yet cooperating?

With regards to joggers, it becomes a different story. Joggers rarely ever comply and cooperate. Still, this was not the case with the victims in the posted videos and many others who are compliant. It is totally unfortunate what has happened to George, yet it isn’t uncommon. It is also egregious for EVERYONE else these things happens to, regardless of race, because police brutality is NOT about race.

As far as having respect for law enforcement, I do, personally, ackowledge their authority. This includes their license to kill me if and when I do not cooperate. Unfortunately, this is what joggers cannot comprehend–cops have a license to kill. I see many Whites attempting to liken what occurred with the jogger who was asphyxiated by a cop (update he was not), to joggers being shot by police in other incidents where they were clearly a threat. They are merely using any excuse and sanctioning the robbing, looting, burning and rioting going on, to justify African savagery. Everybody (deluded, in denial and ‘woke’) knows that Africans do not need a reason to be violent and destructive. Any chance they get to loot, rob and kill with impunity, they will. Don’t believe me? Check any aftermath of any major disaster (Hurricane Katrina).

It is who they are in nature. I’ve mentioned before, elsewhere, their entire existence is about getting others to accept their savagery; to normalize it and weave it into the fabric of all societies and civilizations. They are always looking for a way to be who they truly are in nature—Hunter Gatherers.

As for white Americans who are hellbent on pushing the narrative; I would like for them—those whites who have found a way to insulate themselves from joggers to the point of delusion–to spend a few years in Caribbean countries like Trinidad and see if they’ll still have the same song and dance. Or, South Africa, Jamaica, Haiti; just about any jogger nation where they will have to move through African “bureaucracy” and red tape to survive them, survive among them and make a living. Where they’ll be targeted by them and their violence because of politically incensed reasons, or, for no reason at all, other than the fact that Africans commit violent acts for sport and thrill-seeking; motivated by the fact of mere racial differences. Whites and Indians in South Africa understand this. White Liberals don’t. They don’t know what it is to be totally immersed in African culture, way of life, behavior, speech, mindset and everything that it affects. They do not and never will, unless they are willing to subject themselves 100% to 5-25 years of it as many non-African races who are forced to coexist with Africans do daily. Moving to Compton just won’t do.

Here’s a bonus: