As of today; no one really knows the exact date, but suspect it would be around the time the US presidential election is generally held; towers of dead, rotted corpses litter the streets of every major city in America. Suburbia is an impasse. All because of the most deadliest virus to have ever hit the human race — coronavirus/Covid 19.

The total death count stands at 6 kajillion and counting. “Experts” expect another quadrillion zillion to be dead by 7am EST. Hospitals are beyond packed. Sick and dead bodies hang out of windows and strewn about lobbies. Hallways have been turned into triages and many who are expected to die are taking headers off rooftops.

Yet, on the news the CDC says everything is okay.

These liars! These liars want us to believe that our families, friends and loved ones all died of natural causes; that the one hundred members of my family who died on the same day, all at the same time, from the same virus, didn’t die of (from???) this virus from hell…China. Sorry. It’s all so confusing. Frustrating and confusing.

The virus is a hoax. Quite frankly, my take is that there is no virus or pandemic. There’s “the virus!” which has a lot of people acting like retards, but there’s nothing to be alarmed about that warrants us being lockdown like animals.

Then there’s this Russian thing again. Oh yes! The Russians. Putin is flat out genociding his people. Take a look:

Russia Does Not Lock Down for the Deadlier Second Wave, Proving It Should Have Never Locked Down for the First

Or, maybe he knows, unlike the USA, UK and the rest of Europe, that Sweden exists. Sweden did no lockdowns yet have the lowest numbers of cases, folks.

Well, to be honest it has been discovered that Sweden in fact does not actually exist. It was a myth this whole time – there is no country called “Sweden.” Another Russian hoax.

You see, now that we know that Sweden simply does not exist, and there was never a nation called “Sweden” – the existence of that country was a viral internet hoax – we have to do the most drastic, extreme, lunatic measures yet.

If we don’t, everyone will die from this coronavirus.

Yes, it’s sad that the economy will be totally destroyed, and all of these small businesses will be shut down permanently, with all of their wealth being permanently transferred to the international billionaire class.

But that’s a small price to pay for life.

Interestingly, in both France and Germany, schools are staying open.

We know better in America, however.

Let’s just hope that all of the goyim in France and Germany remain good little goyim, and don’t get falsely angry, like the goyim in Italy.

We need to remain calm as we surrender all of our freedoms and our entire lives over to this flu virus.

We need to avoid getting rowdy.