Look, you’re reading this blog site, because you are above average intelligence, not gullible and you see things the normiecons, boomertards and Republicans cannot see. They are ideologues — fixed within their mindset and framework of how they are told to be, things they’re supposed to care about and what they’re supposed to react to. Anything outside of that wouldn’t fit within their ideation of identity politics.

Within the past few days, many of these aforementioned Republitards jumped ship from Twitter and Facebook to Parler due to Twitter and Facebook restrictions of free speech of conservative voices.




The irony about all this will actually shock you and perhaps it may get you to understand how truly dumb these conservatards are. Let’s start with some facts.


The irony about all this is, Parler is a social network that claims to be “non-biased, free speech social media focused on protecting user’s rights.” These claims have been contested lately, and now a deeper look into Parler shows a connection with a lobbying firm that donated to Hillary Clinton and that lobbied for big tech firms. On the Nevada business license page for Parler LLC, a company named “NDMascendant LLC” is listed as a manager.  The listed reservation holder for NDMascendant LLC is Greenberg Traurig.  Parler also had a separate expired Nevada business license registration with Greenberg Traurig’s name listed on it as well.

In the Officer’s section of Parler LLC, a company named “NDMascendant LLC” appears.

In the license page for NDMascendant, Greenberg Traurig appears as a name in the reservation holder section.

For those not familiar with the company, Greenberg Traurig is a big legal and lobbying firm. It is well-connected to lobbying and represented and continues to represent large firms in a vast amount of industries such as big media, big tech, telecom giants, etc. The company has lobbied for large tech companies such as Alibaba, Samsung, and Dell Technologies. In 1 year alone, Greenberg Traurig had over $8 million of lobbying income and all this lobbying data is available for viewing on OpenSecrets.

Many individuals at Greenberg Traurig have also made political donations, which can also be searched through on OpenSecrets as well. The most notable donation recipient is Hillary Clinton whom was the largest recipient by far during the 2016 presidential election. President Donald Trump did not appear to receive any donations from Greenberg Traurig during that year.

Parler isn’t a newcomer to the social media landscape by any means having been launched about 2 years ago, however it has recently experienced a surge in popularity as many mainstream conservative online personalities have touted a new presence on the app. This has led to many new users testing out the app for the first time, with many of these users documenting a poor first experience. Parler’s mobile app has so far established a 3 (out of 5) rating on Android and 3.7 (out of 5) rating on iOS, meaning the reception has been fairly lukewarm from most newcomers to the social media app who claim to  experience bugs throughout the application, a fairly challenging and unpolished interface. To be fair, you don’t widen the road unless there’s an increase in traffic, which has certainly been the case the past few days.

An expired business license from Parler that again showed Greenberg Traurig

Parler’s CEO John Matze is Jewish. Matze’s father also worked for a company owned by Soros. In recent news, it was suggested that Parler is indeed funded by George Soros.

Many boomertards and Republitards alike are making the claim that the above image is fake news. I don’t believe it is for a minute, for as soon as the rumor of George Soros being involved with Parler surfaced, owner of Parler, Dan Bongino issued a statement declaring full ownership, as if to stifle and conceal the possible facts behind the rumor.

He was also very meek and humble about Parler skyrocketing to number one on the “most downloaded” charts.

Here’s what’s going on, guys. Parler touts itself as a platform that defends freedom of speech. The truth is it is nothing but a neocon-censored honeypot trap.

It is a variation of the “good cop, bad cop” thing. It is promoted by the “intellectual dark web”; personalities such as the likes of Dave Rubin, Jordan Peterson, Eric Weinstein and Ben Shapiro. None of these people believe in free speech, especially for whites. Conservatives are far too easily fooled. People on the right fall for these gatekeepers — Jews posing as conservatives like Prager U. It’s time to stop with the neocons and CivNats. America First only. 

If you join Parler, you have to submit a phone number and if you want to send private messages, you need to verify your account by submitting a government ID (front & back) with selfie picture.

What the fuck is that all about? Why would they need this if they are truly about Free Speech (1A). That’s because it is a data-mining operation like all the others.

So, to reiterate, 1) Parler requires your phone number and ID to Signup. BitChute, Gab, Minds and many others do not require these to signup. The point that needs to be made is, if Parler’s database gets hacked/leaked, a ton of people could be doxxed, lose their jobs, have their homes & businesses firebombed by BLM & Antifa terrorists, etc.

2) Parler Can Harvest Your Entire Phone Contact List. 

3) You Agree to Pay Parler’s Legal Fees Caused by Your Posts.

4) Parler is Already Using Censorship to Protect Neocons. @SheriffJoe was censored for mocking establishment neocon politician Marco Rubio. Read here.

Due to the sheer amount of far right activists and MAGApedes on there, Parler will be a target for hackers. If they would allow for people to sign up with an anonymous email I would use it, but when the inevitable hack comes and everyone’s phone numbers are gleefully retweeted on Twitter, I don’t want to be on that list. I clear my tracks online but others don’t, and they will be doxxed.