You are witnessing a very bad thing unfold in slow motion right in front of your face.

We’ve gone from the government completely abolishing all basic Constitutional freedoms under emergency powers, to a permanent emergency, to new special police to enforce the emergency.

How many more steps before the camps?


Maryland has deployed police “compliance units” across the state to ensure adherence to its Covid-19 restrictions at bars, restaurants and anywhere else people might gather, ramping up enforcement just in time for Thanksgiving.

The “High Visibility Compliance Units,” announced by Republican Governor Larry Hogan earlier this week, hit the streets of Maryland on Wednesday, led by state troopers in coordination with local officials and law enforcement.

The units will “focus on educating the public about existing orders and protocols, preventing super-spreading events, and taking enforcement actions when necessary,” Hogan’s office said in a statement, adding that the patrols would “continue throughout the holiday season.”

“In addition to bars and restaurants, the operation will focus on venues that host gatherings, including nightclubs and banquet halls.”

Several high-traffic downtown areas across Maryland will see a beefed up police presence, including in Baltimore City, Silver Spring, Bethesda, Bel Air, Fells Point, Allegheny County, Towson and Salisbury – the latter two being college towns with younger populations on average. The units will monitor crowd sizes, mask-wearing and social distancing at indoor venues.

The new push to enforce the coronavirus regulations comes amid another wave of infections in the ongoing pandemic, prompting state and local leaders to enact similar policies across the US, including Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, who said this week that police would be “stepping up efforts” to enforce a new “Covid-19 safety plan.”

Hogan has taken a particularly harsh stance toward rule-breakers, insisting residents have no right to refuse to wear a face mask during the health crisis, which he compared to “a constitutional right to drive drunk” or to “yell ‘fire’ in a crowded movie theater.”

You have no right to free movement, no right to have your face uncovered.

There’s no law that says this – just a fat slob, who claims he can make better decisions than you about how you live your life, and thus he is taking the initiative to make those decisions for you.

He’s also planning to show up at your church, to make sure you’re practicing your religion in a way that is in accordance with government policy.

It’s Donald Trump’s fault that it had to be this way, you see, the fat bastard is saying.

If it wasn’t for Donald Trump, you would still have freedoms.

But because you voted for the bad orange man, now you can’t have any freedoms anymore, is the narrative they’re pushing.