Why does Jacinda Ardern have such a horse face? Her bones melted because it is so hot from global warming!

None of us know anyone who died from coronavirus. If we know someone who the hospital said died of/from coronavirus, we also know that they had other serious health problems that would have killed them sometime soon anyway.

Yet, the masses of people went along with the shutdown, surrendered all of their rights, when there was no clear threat to them. They took the word of the media and the government that a threat existed, despite all evidence in their own environment indicating that there was no threat.

So of course, people will surrender again to a global warming hoax, despite there being no evidence of a threat.


New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s government is to declare a climate emergency in a symbolic step to increase pressure for action to combat global warming.

The government will put forward a motion to declare the emergency next Wednesday, the government said as parliament reconvened after a general election won by Ardern’s party.

“We’ve always considered climate change to be a huge threat to our region, and it is something we must take immediate action on,” Ardern said, according to state broadcaster TVNZ.

“Unfortunately, we were unable to progress a motion around a climate emergency in parliament in the last term, but now we’re able to.”

Ardern returned to power last month delivering the biggest election victory for her centre-left Labour Party in half a century as voters rewarded her for a decisive response to the novel coronavirus.

The resounding win allows Ardern’s party to govern alone although she has joined forces with the Green Party for the next three-year term.

The newly elected members of parliament were sworn in on Tuesday and resumed work on Wednesday in New Zealand’s most diverse parliament ever. It has several people of colour, members of rainbow communities and a large number of women.

In her last term, Ardern’s government passed a Zero Carbon Bill, which sets the framework for net zero emissions by 2050, with cross-party support in parliament.

If a climate emergency is passed, New Zealand would join countries like Canada, France and Britain that have taken the same course to focus efforts on tackling climate change.

People will adapt very quickly to poverty. As long as basic needs are met, poverty is relative. As long as Jenny down the street doesn’t have more than Mary, Mary is fine with whatever she’s got.

The trick we are witnessing is that everyone is being made poor at the same time. No one will really even notice that it is happening, if it happens slowly enough, and happens across the board.

Hitting us with a bunch of global warming gibberish will be a way to continue this program of deindustrialization indefinitely. It will be tied into the coronavirus measures, as part of the same beast of “why you must lose everything you have.”

I’m getting really frustrated about how obvious this all is. As I’ve said, you don’t expect the masses to see it, but there are still morons out there who do have critical thinking abilities who think that the coronavirus hoax was about removing Donald Trump from office.

Even people with critical thinking abilities have difficulty wrapping their brains around the full scope of this conspiracy.