This coronavirus idiocy is all just so darn ridiculous that it makes you physically ill.

Black Democrat Denver Mayor Michael Hancock apologized on Wednesday after a backlash when he was caught traveling after advising the residents of his state to totally avoid travel.

He tweeted this bullshit:

Then, less than 8 hours later, after he’d been caught flying from Denver to Mississippi, we got this:

I think it’s fair to assume he wouldn’t have apologized if he hadn’t been caught.

I’m frankly surprised he didn’t say he was flying to Louisiana for a Black Lives Matter event and accuse the people who ratted him out of being racists. The media would have backed him up – headline: “White supremacists attempt to deprive Denver Mayor of his civil rights.”

Remember – Gavin Newsom did something similar very recently, having a maskless indoor dinner party while condemning the goyim as metaphysically evil for going to someone else’s house for any reason.

The dinner – which was a birthday party for a lobbyist – featured the medical professionals who are making these absurd demands about people standing six feet apart and wearing masks all the time, never seeing their family members or friends.

This is the situation:

  • The masses of people (collectively “normies” or “peasants”) are incapable of critical thought
  • There is nothing wrong with the masses of people, it is simply that they are biologically programmed to do everything they are told to do
  • Biologically, it makes sense for most people to be followers – if everyone was a critical thinker, social cohesion would be very difficult
  • People who are in positions of power tend to be part of the unique portion of the population that is capable of critical thought
  • People who are capable of critical thought are supposed to be leaders, who take care of the masses of people who are incapable of critical thought
  • Instead, most people who are capable of critical thought in this society exploit the masses of followers for personal gain
  • The masses of people will believe literally anything, and that isn’t ever going to change – it is hardwired into their genetics
  • People capable of critical thought understand that this entire virus lunacy is a gigantic hoax, designed to destroy the middle class – they just don’t care

Everyone who reads this website, presumably, is capable of critical thought, and it can be frustrating to look at the masses, and feel that they are just stupid or lazy or selfish or whatever, but they’re really not. They just simply do not have a mechanism in their brains that is capable of questioning the consensus of their perceived authorities.

We’ve used the term “NPC” before, with the NPC meme. I think it was a good meme in terms of helping people to conceptualize things, but I think it wasn’t good in the sense that it made those who don’t think critically appear soulless or non-human. They are humans and they were fine.

There is literally ZERO difference between this:

And this:

Other than who is in charge.

All women, and most men, lack any kind of personal philosophy. Ideology is sold to the masses as a bastardized version of philosophy to control them, but they don’t really ever understand the ideology. If they understood the ideology, they wouldn’t have an ideology. They don’t have convictions beyond following the leaders.

This is an issue that needs to be further expounded upon, because too often I see people on our side raging against the masses for not tapping in. The fact is this: we’ve tapped out on people tapping in. Anyone who isn’t tapped in at this point is terminally tapped out, because they don’t have the internal biological capacity to tap in.

What we need to do is start forming cultlike groups that are capable of tapping in to the minds of the normies, and directing their drive to follow. That’s what QAnon did. It’s also why Stefan Molyneux was extremely good at, which is why he was shut down.

People often complain that the site isn’t funny. Well, much of that entire program I was doing was related to normalization of certain banned ideas on social media. When they banned me from social media completely, and delisted me totally from Google (which happened after the initial ban in 2017, actually, in fact it was happening all the way up through 2019), my mission became exclusively about working through narratives for the thinking man, rather than trying to capture the minds of normies.

We who can think have been given a mission to guide the people.

Go deeper: The word “pastor” means “shepherd.” A preacher or a priest is supposed to lead the masses of people like they are sheep, because they are actual sheep. They want to be told what to do, they want to follow rules, and they want to feel like they are good people for following rules.

Right now, they are following the rules of the satanic and anti-Christ Jewish elite who are telling them to wear masks, stand six feet apart and ram their penises into other men’s anuses every chance they get.

All of you “who have eyes to see” as the Bible says need to be guiding the people. That is your blessing and your curse.