The media is running headlines trying to ruin everyone’s holiday saying that Real President Donald Trump is planning to leave the White House if they say he lost.

He is not going to do that and he didn’t say that.

By the way, this literally ruined EVERYONE’s holiday – the liberals weren’t on holiday! They were staying home, sheltering in place, wearing masks in their own homes! They skipped Thanksgiving!

These people know you – a Trump-supporter and a normal person not afraid of a virus with a 99.97% survival rate – with your family, that you’re not going to sit down and watch it, but someone will get an alert on the phone and think it means Trump conceded. It’s the opposite.

Trump gave a full press conference following his traditional Thanksgiving address. It was a weird experience, because I realized it has been so long since we’ve seen our President! I realized how much I’ve missed him!

Trump was 100% fully himself, and he was confident as he went through various points about this sickening election fraud.

They are lying about him saying he will leave the White House. What he said was that if it was proved he lost he would leave. He also said that it will not be proved he lost. That is to say, what he said was that he won’t be leaving.

The media knows that, but they pull up this isolated clip and most people don’t even watch the clip they just read the headline.

“This is Like a Third World Country – We Have Machines Where No One Knows What the Hell They’re Looking At”

This press conference was fantastic, from top to bottom. It was a great Thanksgiving gift, reminding me just how thankful I am for our great president.

Trump says that he’s putting together a massive lawsuit that is going to prove everything and he will win. I have no idea if that is true or not, but I will tell you this: I have been watching Trump for many, many years, and I know this: he believes what he is saying. He believes that he is going to bring a lawsuit and it’s going to be proved that he won the election.

Frankly, he’s not a terribly hard man to read.

He might be wrong. But he believes it.

He also said he’s planning a rally.

Here’s the thing: maybe these last weeks, he didn’t know he was going to win, and that’s why we never saw him. But right now, as of Thanksgiving Day 2020, he believes he’s going to win.

Remember this /pol/ post: it said that the election is a sting. It said that Trump set these people up to get caught stealing the election, and then he can bring down the hammer. That is actually exactly what this looks like.

They keep saying that all of his cases are failing, but what he is actually doing is pinging the system, figuring out where to begin the massive assault on this system. What he is saying is that the big case is coming.


This is full confidence levels, he is saying they’ve been caught.

You will remember: as soon as those 6,000 Michigan votes were caught flipping, on November 7, I said:

Frankly, getting caught flipping 6,000 votes should by rights result in every single vote that was tabulated by Dominion being thrown out.

Catching them this one time in Michigan could be the string we need to pull to unravel this entire ridiculous conspiracy against us.

This is clearly where Trump is hitting. He’s not going quite as hard on the mail-in as he’s going on the machines. Both are big issues, and both will be in his case, but the thing that can pull apart the results is the voting machines.

I will tell you this: I’m feeling better than I have in many days, watching this press conference. Because the President is not waffling. He believes he is going to win.

Again: he might be wrong.

But he isn’t believing based on nothing.

What I hope more than anything is that Trump is officially back and he is going to start getting out there all the time.

He’s been doing these little two minute events here and there, but he just hasn’t been out there. Today was supposed to be a little two minute thing with the vets, but he went all in on this glorious press conference.

He said he’s going to Georgia for a rally next Saturday.

We needed that earlier than now, but maybe he couldn’t do it.

When he wasn’t visible – maybe he was dealing with business, figuring out how to bring down the system? Maybe now, he’s figured it out?

Watch the press conference. It will bring you total joy.

God bless Our Great President.

And Godspeed, ye massive orange man. 

Those who are about to die salute you.