Biden has announced an entirely female communications team. All of the women are old, disgusting and completely useless.

As I’ve reported earlier, Biden chose mostly Jews as his first picks, and is now simply filling out various lower positions with as much diversity as possible. Jews are the ringleaders, and they will give every diversity group their own special feelings.

So, you have the gurrrrl power communications team.

Girls don’t actually have any power, because you can easily subdue them with one punch or push. They are actually remarkably easy to simply kill with your bare hands. Men regularly do this accidentally. So, the only way girls have power is if Jews take over your government and put them in power over you as part of a process of ritual humiliation.

Is appointing all women on the communications team supposed to be some cute way of suggesting that women are good at communication?

Because they’re not. Women almost never transmit information through speech. Generally, they use words to transmit emotions, which are in turn based on nothing other than their hormonal cycle. Women are literally baby machines, and everything about their personality and behavior revolves around ovulation.

Obviously, it won’t really be women running the communication staff. Women don’t actually run anything. All women in the workplace are affirmative action leeches who always have men around doing the actual work while they get their hair done and check their makeup.

If Joe Biden actually takes office, he’s going to turn America into even more of a joke country than it already is. What he is planning to do is push all of this ultra goofy stuff, designed to make the far-left feel good, in their domestic policy, and then have a fully Jewish foreign policy.

They can ensure fanatical support for their regime by employing bio-Leninism, and use those fanatics to ensure the masses are kept in check. Then, they can use the military and intelligence agencies to finish off the globalist agenda. At least, that is their thinking.

But remember: until January 20, the Biden Administration remains theoretical.