Real President Donald Trump has done his first interview since the election, choosing one of the non-traitors on the traitor network of Fox News, Maria Bartellalelimomo.

He broke down the election hoax in a logical and level-headed way.

He accurately stated that on election night, he was winning by a massive amount, the election was clearly over – then they shut down the count and started with the massive dumps.

He did the right thing – he made it not about him, but about what this kind of a fraud means for our country. It totally undermines the entire basis of the established order of the country.

“This is the essence of our country, this is the whole ballgame,” Real President said.

He has all the evidence. He’s getting cockblocked by judges.

He pulled up the statistics about Joe Biden allegedly getting 14 million more votes than Barack Obama, and also winning blacks – but only in swing states.

“You don’t believe that,” Real President said. “Nobody believes that.”

The media doesn’t believe it, but they say it. Trump once again called the media the “enemy of the people,” and also vowed to destroy social media companies.

Real President also pointed out that the FBI and the DOJ are doing absolutely nothing, as usual.

If he would have listened to me and fired Bill Barr way back when, none of this would be happening. Bill Barr was the Trojan Horse brought in to bring down the whole system.

I put a lot on Trump’s personal emotional state, and as of right now, he remains totally confident and appears to be unworried. He thinks he’s going to win. I have no idea if he will, but he clearly thinks he will.