Here we have a report and interview going back to March 30th, 2020, when the holocough began, of a German doctor—the awesomely named Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg—explaining that Coronavirus is literally the flu. Not “a flu,” but THE flu.

He explains that every year, there are over 100 different respiratory viruses that cause what we label “the flu,” and that these viruses constantly change every year to avoid the human immune system, and that one of the classes of these viruses is Coronavirus. I didn’t know this, but it is true.

He cites a study in Scotland that took place from 2005 to 2013, where they did mass tests on the various forms of winter viruses that cause the flu, and found that 7-15% of flu cases are caused by Coronaviruses. Or at least that was the case in Glasgow from 2005 to 2013.

Here’s the study on the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences website.

This graph shows the variances of the viruses that were found to be causing the flu, with Coronaviruses in light green (CoV).

Dr. Wodarg goes on to explain that Wuhan is the Chinese capital of viral research, and that they initially, in late 2019, did tests on under 50 people, looking at the RNA of the viruses they were infected with. They found a new type of Coronavirus and were intrigued by it. The Chinese entered it into a database, which scientists in Berlin examined to try to create a test. They came up with one and submitted it to WHO very quickly, and WHO very quickly accepted it.

He says that this 7-15% of people that get the virus would be expected to test positive in the general population, but when you are doing tests specifically in hospitals, a much higher percentage of people will have it. This is what they were doing in Italy. They were not making any differentiation between who dies WITH the Coronavirus and who dies OF the Coronavirus.

This lines up with an Italian study that showed that nearly 100% of people who die of the virus have preexisting conditions, many of them being literal terminal diseases.

He goes on to say that the only way to know if the virus is actually something more dangerous than the regular flu would be to see if the number of people who die every year from the flu has gone up. Every year, 0.1% of people – 1/1000th – who get the flu die from it.

If a Coronavirus is simply a part of the normal acute seasonal respiratory disease – the flu – cycle, and he is correct that it is, then of course we should only be looking at the total number of flu deaths as a reference point, instead of attempting to look specifically at Coronavirus. The people who are being recorded as dying from the Coronavirus could be dying of literally anything else, including even other strands of the flu, as people are infected with multiple different viruses at one time.

He says that if you would have done mass tests in a retirement home in any previous year, you would find thousands of people dying from a Coronavirus. More than are recorded as having died now.

He goes on to say that when the Chinese got the test back from Germany, they were extremely excited about it and started panicking. Which, if you’ve ever been around Asians, is a standard behavior. They are a completely neurotic race. They are obsessed with these thermometer guns and use them nonstop, all winter long.

And half of them wear masks even in the summer time.

The Chinese, as we know, also believe that this is a biological weapon released by the United States. So, their reaction on that level makes sense.

He says, accurately, that when China began panicking, every politician in the world was required to give a response on what they thought about the Coronavirus. They consulted their own virologists, and came to the conclusion that they should develop a test themselves. Then the testing began. Of course, when the tests were given, yes, people were dying with Coronavirus and so the hysteria was unleashed.

With where we are now, in the midst of this absolute hysteria, no one can come out and say “look, it’s literally just the flu,” because everyone has doubled and tripled and sextupled down on this weird hoax.

I was not aware of all of this, but everything he is saying is true.

There are not more people dying of the Coronavirus than of the flu every year. In fact, according to the statistics being presented, the flu bodycount is low this year. It is presumably because the people dying with Coronavirus are being classified as dying of a different disease, when every previous year, people who died of a Coronavirus would have been put in the statistics with the other flu deaths.

You’d think that someone would run it through their brain when it’s announced that flu cases are dropping at the same time Coronavirus cases are rising.

This is all just absolute and unadulterated mass hysteria.

Everyone with the ability to influence the narrative is benefiting from this hoax.

The scientists and medical establishment in every country are saying that it’s dangerous because they want to get money, the media is promoting it because it is scandalous (and they think it will hurt Donald Trump, which it has) and the government wants to take away freedoms from people and do whatever other weird activities.

Furthermore, like everyone else, most of the people working in these entities actually believe in the hoax. They need to. They have to, because it gives them a sense of importance and urgency. It is a similar sentiment and frenzy people experience every Christmas when things were normal — there is something intoxicating to humans about knowing that everyone around the world is doing the same thing, having the same or similar experiences and are on the same beat as them. This is essentially what the Christmas spirit is and this holocough is no different. Everyone is locked down, in their houses and panicking over the evil fake doom virus and these healthcare provider idiots are all too happy to exaggerate their daily experiences all to feel important and make themselves standout in some meaningful and important way. And they are always ready and willing to give their stories of their horrible day to day experiences of being knee deep in corona corpses. What’s more is the earnestness in their facial expressions and tone of voices with their fake, lying, pretentiousness.

But, it is literally the flu.

This means that the Coronavirus Doom Cult is even dumber than we’d previously imagined.

In the future, you need to remember that I told you this was the flu and everyone had gone insane and you need to remember all of these people who got on board with this lunatic freakout. Nothing about what is going on is rational or sane. After this is over, we are going to be left with a completely collapsed economy and fewer freedoms than we’ve ever had.

It was announced back in March that the economy of the UK was expected to shrink by 15% as a result of this, and that they’re going to go into austerity after they decided to let people out of their houses. They also maintained that they were going to keep people in their houses for six more months. It is now December and we saw all of this unfold right before us.

This has become standard across the Western world.

This is the biggest, stupidest hoax in all of human history. It has officially surpassed that other thing.

This is a society that is literally too stupid to exist. It is fitting that it will end in the dumbest way imaginable.