According to the CDC, the estimated total deaths in the US as of Nov 16 in 2020 is 2,487,350. If death continues at the same rate for remainder of the year then 2020 total would end up being 2,842,685, which would be essentially identical to 2019 (difference of 0.1%).

See here for yourself, if you think I am making this up.

The CDC also said, 94% of people who died had preexisting conditions listed as a cause. That’s right: only 6% of the “Covid deaths” didn’t have another condition listed as a cause. So, only 6% of the people that the TV says “died from Covid” are actually officially listed as having “died from Covid” without other causes of death.

In their own words on their own site.

Most people are not aware of this information, because they do not read, nor try to investigate what is being fed to them by the Jewish lamestream media. They take everything at face value. If they do read, their sources are, once again, the typical mainstream media outlets such as the NYT, WaPo and other renowned types that are heavily censored and geared towards misleading the public by spreading misinformation and propaganda.

Another, and perhaps the biggest thing the media is not reporting, is the growing global resistance to the holocough covid hoax. It is growing daily! The MSM wants to keep the American people in a constant state of fear by creating the appearance that every American and everyone around the world are compliant and accepting this virus hoax. It is the farthest thing from the truth.

German anti-lockdown and anti-vax protests.

There are a lot more of these protests and demonstrations and I will compile and report them as the days go by. ” Do not go gently into the night.”