Back in April when everything was said to be at its worst — when the Jacob Javitz Center in NYC was converted into a “Covid Central” makeshift hospital in anticipation of massive amounts of deaths, as a result of the coronavirus; dead bodies were expected to be stacked as high as the Empire State building, yet many nurses and healthcare providers were busy dancing:

A guy by the name of Baron Strucker, has an entire thread of dancing outdoor nurses and healthcare provider who were knee-deep in covid. The digital book burners — Twitter — have since deleted his posts and suspended his account. See your yourself: Hospital dance thread #COVID19

I managed to save a few snapshots from his posts, though.

The “heroines” found time to dance amidst a worldwide pandemic.

One Twitter status read:

All these vids I’m seeing are a real slap in the face to anyone with an ounce of intelligence. We are supposed to be in the middle of the worst health crisis in decades yet doctors & nurses have plenty of time to dance around & make videos.


The insanity didn’t stop there. The “Holocough Shuffle” spread across the world where many were supposed to be on their death beds and in dire need of PPEs and care. Check this one out:

A Twitter user’s response to the video read:

If these hospitals are so inundated with large scale patient numbers how is it that staff have so much disposable time for dance troupe twerking It’s an absolute insult to those that have lost loved ones There’s a time and place for this

The politically correct way for health care workers to expose coronavirus as a blatant hoax was to film themselves dancing on their hospital shifts during the alleged peak of the pandemic.

What this woman did, on the other hand, is just rude. She should have danced, but the cops were on it.

Dance magic, dance. Put that magic spell on me, smack that baby, make him free!

She’s right. It was exposed that hospitals in the United Kingdom literally just made up the coronavirus numbers.

So, yeah, we were told that the lockdown was needed in order to prevent too many people from catching the coronavirus at once and overwhelming the hospitals, but then we learned that doctors spent most of their workday practicing dance moves for social media, that it was mostly the very old and sick who were at risk, and that the lockdown is actually weakening people’s immune systems.

In conclusion, if you were a healthcare provider, the best way to show that this virus was really a big deal back then, was to take David Bowie’s advice and dance.