Ugur Sahin: This guy knows what’s up, and he’s calling the shots.

Imagine it: there are people so gullible that they thought the vaccine would end the coronavirus hysteria.

Yahoo! News:

COVID-19 could still be causing outbreaks in 10 years time, the creator of the world’s first approved vaccine has said.

Ugur Sahin, chief executive of Germany’s BioNTech, partnered with US drug company Pfizer and took less than a year to get a vaccine approved.

Around 500,000 doses of the vaccine have already been administered in the UK and it looks set to be approved in several other countries within weeks.

Despite the progress, however, Sahin told a press conference on Tuesday that he believes the virus may survive for several years to come.

Asked when he believed the world might be able to return to normal, Sahin responded: “We need a new definition of ‘normal’.”

“The virus will stay with us for the next 10 years,” he added, “We need to get used to the fact there’ll be more outbreaks.”

Sahin continued that a “new normal” would not mean countries having to go into lockdown and that scenario could be possible “by the end of the summer”.

“This winter, we will not have an impact on the infection numbers,” he said, “But we must have an impact so that next winter can be the new normal.”

Sahin also urged caution on whether 60-70% of the world’s population being vaccinated would be enough to prevent further outbreaks.

“If the virus becomes more efficient…we might need a higher uptake of the vaccine for life to return to normal.”

You see what’s happened is, the threat is no longer the virus. No one cares about the virus anymore. The threat is that the government will shut down society. That is why, people are being told, they have to take the vaccine: to end the shutdowns.

Of course, this vaccine now exists within the context of the “new strain.”

It comes as both BioNTech and Moderna are scrambling to test their COVID-19 vaccines against the new fast-spreading variant of the virus that is raging in Britain.

Sahin said he needs another two weeks to know if his vaccine can stop the mutant variant of the virus.

“Scientifically it is highly likely that the immune response by this vaccine can also deal with this virus variant,” he continued.

“The vaccine contains more than 1,270 amino acids, and only nine of them are changed (in the mutant virus). That means that 99% of the protein is still the same.”

They’re not going to tell you outright that the vaccine won’t protect from the new strain. They are just beginning to vaccinate people, and they want to make sure that people take it, under the false premise that if they take it, the lockdowns will end.

After enough people have taken it, they are going to come out and inform you that, “oh, sorry – it doesn’t protect from the new strain.”

“We’re going to need to keep doing lockdowns, and you’re going to need to take more vaccines.”