After swearing off the site in anger and disgust when they hoaxed me with the coronavirus in January, I made a long-anticipated return to /pol/ this week, just to see what was going on and mine some memes.

I will say, they’re not hoaxing coronavirus anymore, and they are in fact aware that the shilling of the virus on the site was done by people with interests in shilling the virus.

Remember, I was the single earliest person to realize that it was a hoax. However, Tucker Carlson was duped by this /pol/ propaganda to the point of shilling the hoax to Donald Trump himself. If Tucker hadn’t called Trump and told him to “take the virus seriously”, where would we be now?

Remember, up through February, Trump was saying that it was the flu.

So, /pol/ propaganda effectively may have redirected all of society to where we are right now.

That said, I couldn’t stay away forever. This place has had like, no memes, other than the ones I make myself.

Below is an infodump I saw people posting on /pol/ several times. (I am not endorsing all of this, I just thought it was worth sharing, if only to get an idea of the direction the internet is going in these days).

Electricity – Eric Dollard

Gravity & Black Holes

Gubbermint spends more on hypothetical space biology than mushrooms

TRUMP knew Truth on 911

Global hoaxing


Psychiatric Drugs: Create Violence & Suicide –

Money system