I’m sure that our friends and family members are all totally as woke as we are (well not exactly) on the coronavirus hoax; you probably have family members or work acquaintances who are Trump-supporters and yet, are also trapped in a paranoid loop. That may seem strange to you, given that the right-wing is not typically associated with feminine type hysteria, and also given that Trump himself was not going along with this hoax earlier in the year.

That aside, there are some really unsuspecting heroes and heroines out there who are totally deserving of our praise and undying support. Take this brave ass lady in the following video. She sure as heck was not going along with the mask bullshit.

She is totally and absolutely 100%, right on the money. Every element of the coronavirus hoax is a massive scandal, where at the root of it are the massively inflated death tolls and “cases”. That is the big lie around which everything else is based, because the basis for all of this is the idea that the virus is super-duper dangerous.

As she mentioned: asymptomatic spreaders are indeed a myth. Referring to someone as an “asymptomatic spreader” is no different to suggesting healthy people are sick — healthy sick people. It is the most retarded thing ever, yet many fell for it, because they themselves are retarded. Imagine yourself being told you’re insane or suffer from some mental disorder and you know you clearly aren’t, but the doctors have you in a straitjacket insisting that you’re not well and everyone else is in on the lie.

Just imagine, being her, the only rational and objective one among a bunch of cunts that are just so retarded to even question anything. What’s more, she’s casting her pearls to cerebral insufficients. Logic and reason do not work on these people. Facts, less.

She rightly said it, too: “I know I’m not reaching anyone here…”

This woman needs to be reassured that she is NOT being unreasonable; that she is in fact quite rational and reasonable. She ought to be praised for her calm and resilience in the face of utter stupidity. SHARE THIS VIDEO

The Karens – covidiots – who film these incidents are actually helping the very public they believe to be shaming.

There are a few things we can certainly learn from this woman’s interaction and they are: do not agitate these unstable people who insist on mask-nagging and mask-shaming, because they are those who tune into the propaganda spread in the media. They are “plugged in” and are unstable and unpredictable.

As stupid as they are, remember that they outnumber us. If they didn’t, all this insanity could not have been normalized. So, just wear the mask man, for the foreseeable future. Unless, you are and can be certain about the outcomes of confrontations like this being in your favor.

I would certainly avoid situations like these. Call it going “gray man”. Call it being a coward. Whatever. Even though wearing a mask is stupid, you still need to buy groceries. You could wear a balaclava (as a mask) when necessary.

I think it’s all fuckin’ stupid. It’s all so tiresome. Every single thing in society is now retard-level.

And giving facts to these people in public; you’ll only be pointing out that they are indeed ignorant and stupid and they’ll take it as you being a dick and recalcitrant.

You think I don’t want to hand out fucking science books and print outs at the gym I go to?