The ruling class pushed for a lockdown, then they got much richer, because of the lockdown. They got richer as you got poorer, because the economy is a zero sum game.

This is a complete coincidence.

The Guardian:

The combined wealth of Australian billionaires has risen by more than 50% over the past year, new figures show, prompting concerns that the pandemic-triggered recession has “turbocharged” the gap between rich and poor.

The combined net worth of Australia’s billionaires dropped in March – when Covid-19 restrictions ramped up – before rebounding strongly and increasing throughout the course of the year, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

The combined worth of Australian billionaires was assessed to be 52.4% higher this week than at the same time last December.

By comparison, billionaires in the US and UK recorded an increase of about 25% over the same period, the Bloomberg index shows.

The Labor frontbencher Andrew Leigh said the figures “remind us of the importance of tackling inequality, which is significantly higher in Australia than it was a generation ago”.

“Those increases are remarkable,” the shadow assistant minister for Treasury and charities told Guardian Australia.

It is remarkable. Remarkably coincidental.

The ruling elite supported the lockdown out of love. They were afraid that you would get the flu.

No one could have predicted that closing all small businesses while allowing multinational corporations to operate normally would lead to a widening of the wealth gap.

They can’t help it that it made them rich.

And hey – maybe it’s karma?

They supported the lockdown out of the goodness of their hearts, while the unwashed peasants refused to wear their stupid masks. The peasants are being punished for their sins, while the good natured ruling elite is being rewarded.

It’s the eternal cycle of the universe.