This new strain boy-o, it’s a serious matter.


A new strain of COVID-19 that reached Ireland from the United Kingdom is spreading faster than the country’s most pessimistic forecasts, Prime Minister Micheal Martin said on Wednesday.

“While international research for this new variant is ongoing, it is already very clear that we are dealing with a strain of the disease that spreads much, much more quickly,” Martin said in a televised address announcing a tightening of public-health restrictions for the next four weeks.

Every time I think of the new strain, I just think of one song.

One song.

You all know it:

(It’s because so many people are dying from coronavirus, and especially because of the new strain).

We might not have any evidence that the new strain actually even exists, but all the evidence we need is all of these bodies hitting the floor. Everyone I know is already dead.

Thankfully, people like that Ireland guy are daring to speak out against this new strain.