Jennifer Lopez dressed up like whatever and walked around New York in preparation for her New Year’s performance in Times Square.

She is looking good for 51, but needless to say, very rough generally.

This begs the question: how long is this woman, who is more than a decade beyond childbearing age, going to continue to try to look sexy?

Of course, that question may not seem relevant to your life or society generally – but it is. There is a movement within our culture to promote the idea that women can be sexy into old age.

This is a totally ridiculous hoax. Lopez has hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of cosmetic surgery, and an army of dietitians, personal trainers and make-up artists. No other 51-year-old woman can look as good as she does, period, yet, every single 51-year-old woman in America, and probably in the world, is looking at this aged tart and saying, “I could do that.”

This is very bad for society.

Women this age need role models who are good at smiling and baking cookies, not dancing around and gyrating like sex machines.

This is all women have to offer folks. Nothing more. Don’t be fooled by them or the media into believing they have anything substantive to contribute to society other than what they are “designed” to do — make babies, take care of them, keep home and bake cookies.

This is a totally negative phenomenon, which is being portrayed as “empowering” these old grannies. It is “empowering” only in as much as injecting yourself with amphetamines is “empowering.”