Yesterday, I sat in silence and listened to a woman tell a story about her brother who researches certain topics of interests and attempts to share it with her. She openly disclosed that her position and general response to him is, “I ain’t got no time for that.” She essentially demonstrated why women should not be able to vote. They possess no interest in understanding how things essentially work. Only how it benefits them.

A few hours before her telling this story, she attempted to share her opinion on why Universal Healthcare was a “basic human right” which ought to be afforded to all.

What I witnessed and was reassured about, was that women believe themselves to be the cure and answer to all the world’s ills, especially the perceived and manufactured ones. They think the cures and answers to be woven into the very fibers of their existence and are willing to make any and all kinds of aspersions and recommendations as to how the world around them ought to work, but they aren’t actually willing to learn or comprehend how the world around them actually works as evidenced in her story, recounting her exchanges with her brother and her attitude towards him.

What may come as a surprise to some is that women are even willing to pass off responsibility to a higher authority – the state – to justify force and coercion, by suggesting, “they already take our taxes. Why not take our taxes and ensure we get what we deserve — our “basic human rights for Healthcare”. “You can use force on me, as long as I benefit in the long run and my “basic human rights” are met and fulfilled.”

They will resort to proxy violence every time, in form of the state, while not comprehending taxation itself to be a use of force and coercion. They are ready and willing to decide how another person’s labor is to be used and rewarded. Women think they have a say and right to other people’s labor and the fruits of their labor.

To illustrate the chaos and stupidity that is inherent to the feminine, Universal Healthcare sounds “nice” to sheep. After all, Women prioritize “niceness”. Prioritizing “niceness” negates logic and reason for the sake of niceness. It furthermore, excuses stupid and irrational behavior — excuses the inability to critically think — thereby neotenizing generations and destroying societies. It is feminine. It is destructive. So, as it pertains to women and healthcare, they see it no differently to saving kittens in the trees — virtue signaling and being nice. To not offer Universal Healthcare, is not being nice.

They are unable to, and quite frankly, do not care to comprehend, that healthcare requires doctors and other healthcare personnel such as nurses. Doctors and others must be paid, therefore, saying healthcare is a right is equivalent to saying, that in the absence of payment, it is the doctor’s and other’s moral responsibility to provide care. A moral responsibility to “be nice”!

The same applies to any other form of “rights” women cry about such as, “the right to education, healthy food, and shelter”.

There is no normative standard for “basic rights”, let alone “rights”, in nature. It is a social contrivance — essentially, “make believe”.

This is what occurs when the female mind and feminine values are allowed to roam freely, as a result of a higher standard of living being achieved, where relative safety is minimally attained. This is worth pointing out, because women and men (those who adopt and adhere to the feminine) will argue that within the social confines, healthcare IS or “should be” a “basic right”.

Essentially, men have attained a higher standard of living whereby the survival rate is higher, fear of death is no longer a big deal, therefore, Universal Healthcare and other “basic rights” ought to be a reward as hallmarks of that achievement. Often, what actually occurs is that women tend to create a boogeyman and manufacture “faux problems” and para-issues as new frontiers for men to conquer. Therein lies the most sinister of is/ought fallacies which leads to chaos and destruction and women are content with it all as long as they benefit. Fuck all else.

Here it is: Socialism and Communism are Feminine constructs.

Look no further for reasons as to why women should not be in politics and public life. They cannot process concepts outside of their emotional perimeter.

The reality: women are not political. All they care about is themselves, so they cannot ever care about politics beyond how it affects them, or how it makes them feel. None of it has anything to do with processing information.