As I said, another false flag/inside job has been wrought upon the American people and the world, yesterday January 6th, 2021.

Other videos of confessions are beginning to circulate, because many who were paid off and used to pull this off are now being targeted by the Feds. They were pawns. All of them. All of them Americans.

Now the above video confession is still yet to be confirmed as genuine, but mark my words: this is just the beginning. Many more will surface.

Here is a faggot pretending to be a White Nationalist. He’s obviously some washed out crackhead leftist Antifa type.

I forgot to post this in my last article, but this is of great importance in proving my point to you that the Patriots were duped into being patsies in an inside job.

Remember, folks, the revolution always eats her own children.

More to come.

I’ll keep you posted.