I don’t think the vaccinations will be forced. There would be no reason to force them, given that they’ve already announced they’re going to force anyone who refuses it out of society. Besides, there are enough stupid people around who have willingly lined up and received the vaccine already.

But that headline sure does read like Alex Jones’ worst nightmare from 2005 come to life.

CBS News:

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has asked the Pentagon to ready as many as 10,000 troops to support 100 COVID-19 vaccination sites nationwide, with the goal of administering 450,000 vaccinations a day. 

The federal government envisions 50 “mega” vaccination sites capable of administering 6,000 shots per day, in addition to 50 “large” vaccination sites providing 3,000 shots per day, according to defense officials.

The first of the FEMA-powered vaccination sites are expected to be operating by mid-February, a senior White House official told CBS News, and will scale up as vaccine production intensifies in the coming months.

FEMA’s “Prepare to Deploy Order” to the Department of Defense (DOD) is expected to be approved, but has not yet been greenlighted. California, Virginia, Michigan, Delaware and New Mexico are among the states that have requested federally run vaccine centers.

The FEMA-run sites will be entirely new in most cases, according to a senior White House official, but the federal agency will work with governors to provide personnel and support to existing state-run vaccination centers where they’re needed. The agency will offer funding, logistics, staffing and mobile vaccination clinics, but governors are free turn down DOD deployments to their state.

The goyim are still repeating the discredited claim that this is going to eventually end, and that our lives will go back to normal. The media has already started saying that in order to go back to normal, every person on earth has to be vaccinated. They’re also saying that you’re going to have to go in every six months and get new vaccines.

The principal of the country, Anthony Fauci, has said that despite claims by the outlaw Zach Morris, the vaccine is not a hall pass. You still have to stay locked in your house.

Why would anyone take the risks of the vaccine when it doesn’t even let them travel? 

I guess most people, generally, will just do as the teacher says.

If this isn’t weird enough for you yet, then just you wait.