We talk a lot on the Specular Effect about how women are a cancer on society, and that they deserve to be beaten up and locked in cages. They do not belong on the internet and in public life.

Well, one man in Virginia, Brandon Michon, did the next best thing when he flipped out on the school board in Loudoun County.

He’s got good energy. Frankly, Donald Trump should hire this guy as his impeachment lawyer.

The thing that is just such a shame is that there is no one to lead these people.

Lazy women who don’t want to work is not the only reason so many of these schools in America remain closed. It’s also about just generally disrupting society, and about creating an entire generation of totally dysfunctional virus-children, who are adapted to the concept of being told what to do by the government.

Imagine: you see the trauma that this is inflicting on you and other adults. Think of what a child is experiencing.