It’s actually heartening to know they have that old school sign outside of Dodger Stadium.

Brave protesters have effectively shut down a vaccine site at Dodger Stadium by inhibiting traffic into the parking lot, where people are going to get injected with the strange chemical concoction.


A Covid-19 vaccination centre at the Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles was forced to close for an hour on Saturday after protests by anti-vaccine and far-right groups, local media report.

Around 50 protesters stalled motorists who had been waiting for hours.

The demonstrators carried placards decrying the effectiveness of the vaccine.

Protesters told people to “turn back”, while one man shouted: “You’re a lab rat”, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The Los Angeles Fire Department closed the entrance to the stadium around 14:00 local time (22:00 GMT) as a precaution.

The Los Angeles Police Department tweeted that it “did NOT close the gates” to the stadium and all scheduled vaccines would be delivered.

California Governor Gavin Newsom tweeted that that stadium was “back up and running”.

“This is completely wrong,” German Jaquez, who had been waiting for a jab, told the Times.

“I’ve been waiting for weeks to get an appointment. I am a dentist; I am taking a big risk being around patients. I want to be safe for my patients and for my family. The vaccine is the only way to beat the virus.”

Certainly, this will just be used to demonize anti-vaxxers further, and to get the military more involved in the vaccination process, and to push for anyone who resists the vaccine to be force-vaccinated.

I salute the brave men and women who stood out there at Dodge Stadium and tried to inform these goyim that they are lab rats.

Of course the woman there has to make it something sexual, about BDSM no less.

If there’s one thing for certain, it’s that anyone lining up to get this vaccine is a lab rat.

Frankly, most of the people going in to get the vaccine are probably not virus fear maniacs, but people who think this is going to make life normal again. So, if I was ever going to protest against vaccines, my main point would be that no, this isn’t going to make life normal again.

Klaus Schwab has said it, Anthony Fauci has said it, the media has said it: you’re not going back to life as usual just because you get the vaccine.

This isn’t about a virus or a vaccine. It is about compliance and control — it is about Communism.