The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) sent out an “Amber Alert” featuring the Chucky Doll from the horror-comedy film series “Child’s Play” as the suspect in a kidnapping case.

This is kind of funny, though I’m sure people are saying “it’s not funny to joke around about child kidnapping.”

In fact, however, most of these “Amber Alerts” are not real child kidnappings. The government has made a joke out of this system a long time ago.

The “Amber Alert” was named after Amber Hagerman, a 9-year-old girl kidnapped and murdered by a pervert in Arlington, Texas in 1996. (They then created a backronym, saying AMBER means “America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response”). The alerts are broadcast on television, on LED signs at the sides of roads, and they’ve even started sending people SMS messages in some jurisdictions.

However, while this might seem like a great thing, given that no one likes child kidnappers and everyone wants to help get back children that have been kidnapped by murderous perverts, the reality situation is a bit more complicated.

In actual fact, in the overwhelming majority of Amber Alert cases, there is no pervert involved. According to statistics released by the federal government, in 68% of these alert cases, it is either the mother or the father who is responsible.

The father is responsible twice as often as the mother, because in over 80% of cases, the disgusting family court system, an arm of the Feminine occupationist government, awards custody to the mother. He just wants to see his kids and the cunt mother is on a power trip denying him access; she can claim he is dangerous and so on and so on. Nauseating.

In order for the father to get custody, he either has to have millions of dollars to drop on lawyers, or the mother doesn’t want the kids, because they will get in the way of her whoring and party lifestyle.

So, yes, it is a regular situation that after the family court awards custody to an abusive mother, the father will come try to rescue the kids. The mother will call the cops, and then you have an Amber Alert.

Whether it is the mother or the father, I don’t think this is the same as a murderous pervert, and putting it in the same category is obviously a bigger and much more dangerous joke than posting Chucky.

When you look at the rest of the breakdown, many of those groups are clearly non-perverts. The grandma and grandpa aren’t perverts – they’re trying to rescue the kids from an abusive single mother. The mother’s boyfriend and stepdad categories could be a pervert, of course, but I can guarantee that in the majority of those cases, the man is trying to protect the kids from the mother.

Then you’ve got a list of other family members taking up various percentages, and they are also not perverts. Maybe they’ve done something illegal, and they need to be arrested, but it shouldn’t be used as a trigger for an alert system specifically designed to find children that were kidnapped by dangerous perverts who are likely to rape and murder them.

Furthermore, this isn’t just children – it also includes teenagers. So, you’ve got a percentage of those cases that are “the abductee’s ex-boyfriend,” i.e., a teenage girl ran off with her boyfriend. You’ve also got pimps on there, which again, I mean, yes, that’s a legal matter if a teenage girl runs off with her pimp, but come on. This alert implies a child has been kidnapped by a murderous pervert.

So, you break this down, and you have a situation where virtually no Amber Alert implies that a small child has been kidnapped by a pervert. As said, the one group that could represent that kind of situation is the mother’s boyfriend and stepfather categories. Maybe I guess also the neighbor.

What’s more, in most of the cases, the child hasn’t even been gone for 24 hours. So, a woman could be throwing a fit, screaming and beating the kids and the boyfriend, and so her cuck boyfriend could grab the kids and say “come on kids, your mom clearly needs some time alone, let’s go get some ice cream and let her cool off” and then – boom – Amber Alert.

So, over the course of the last three decades that we’ve been doing this Amber Alert thing, the public has learned to just totally ignore it completely. So, if some pervert does kidnap a small child, no one will know, because they’ve become accustomed to ignoring it.

It was actually a great idea. There should be a special alert system for when a small child is grabbed in the park by a pervert. These perverts often do very weird things with their kidnapped victims, including taking them out to public places, and someone could see them and call the police, and the child’s life could be saved, but due to Feminine interference, and the build up of all these dramatic, ridiculous, hysterical laws ostensibly designed to let women run buckwild all over the place, the alert has completely lost meaning as most things do whenever women get involved with them.