I doubt people who don’t live on the East Coast are really following it that closely, but New York City is now reaching the levels of crime that it had in the 70s and 80s when they made all those movies.

I predicted this would happen three years ago and I distinctly remember saying this to many people, because at the time, in New York City, the Bail Reform Bill was being hotly debated.

Because of this, I made very speedy, accurate and acute preparations to not find myself caught up in the violent onslaught that was about to overwhelm NigYork City.

What I didn’t specifically see coming, was the war on police officers.


The New York City Police Department is deploying an additional 500 officers to patrol the city’s subway system after four stabbings in less than 24 hours that left two people dead.

The decision came after four separate incidents in which victims were “cut with a sharp object,” NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea said in a news conference Saturday afternoon.

“The bottom line that the public should know is this: They can expect to see a very large footprint of uniformed officers deployed throughout New York City whether they go onto a train or whether they go onto a platform,” Shea said.

Shea said the four attacks occurred on the A line, a subway line that runs between northern Manhattan and Queens.
Besides the two deaths, two other victims are recovering from their injuries. All four victims were homeless and the attacks appear to be unprovoked, said Deputy Chief Brian McGee, the commanding officer of the Manhattan North detective bureau.

The attacks began on Friday morning when a 67-year old man was stabbed by an unknown man inside the 181 Street station in upper Manhattan and later treated at a nearby hospital, NYPD Chief of Transit Kathleen O’Reilly told reporters.

The story isn’t much different across the country. Cops have basically stopped enforcing laws.

Last summer, when the blacks and the media were attacking cops as evil, and saying that cops should all be removed from the streets, a few people on the right – who were not totally enthralled with the racism hoax – were saying “well, this is going to make crime explode.”

You didn’t really have to be a prophet or a sociologist to figure that one out.

Ironically – or maybe not – it’s black people who are suffering the most from this. Though I don’t really care. Black people should have controlled their own people when all of that was going on.

The only possible explanation for this decision to remove the cops is that the media and the Democrats wanted crime to increase.

Basically, what I am seeing is that they are attempting to turn the United States into such an utter mess that the only solution will be to turn over control of the country to an international body.

I just don’t really see any other reason why you would want to actively work to increase the rate of violent crime.