Men already have a hard enough time finding women to make babies with, what with the whole female empowerment thing. Now it is going to be even harder.

Plenty of Fish commissioned a survey study looking at current dating trends. It found that 55% of singles refuse to date people who are not vaccinated against coronavirus. They even refuse to date people who don’t plan on getting the vaccine.

We can presume that most of the people in the 55% figure are female or functionally female. Essentially, high-functioning retards who do not possess the capacity for independent thought and inquiry. This has been convered before: women will prioritize safety above logic, reason and freedom. It is not and never will be about processing information.

According to the study, 43% percent of respondents said they went through a breakup because of the pandemics, and 45% of those said these relationships ended “because they didn’t see eye-to-eye on the importance of mask-wearing, social distancing, and other pandemic protocols.”

The fake pandemic is the ultimate total societal disaster. It’s not only the economy, the jobs, or the small businesses that are getting destroyed. Human relationships are collapsing.

What it means to be a human being is getting retconned in real time, right before our eyes. We used to have rights. We used to be able to decide whether to go out of our homes or stay inside. We used to be able to chat with people face to face, and see their facial expressions as they talked.

No more.

Now we’re under a permanent Virus Regime, and the anti-viral authority will decide for you.

We’re now entering the Reign of Fear.