The problem with running a “Republicans against Trump” group is that the only people you were ever going to be able to find to be involved with it would be twisted perverts.


Somehow the disgraced Lincoln Project is even more disgraced now as news broke Monday of a second underage boy allegedly preyed upon by the left-wing super PAC’s cofounder John Weaver.

During an appearance on Laura Ingraham’s Fox News program, journalist Ryan Girdusky said, “I’m here to say I have made contact with another minor who was sexually harassed by John Weaver. He is still a minor today… John Weaver aggressively sexually harassed him.”

He added, “The allegations involving minors are now multiple, and there’s possibly more to come.”

Girdusky, who originally broke this story wide open, said that even though a month has passed since the story hit, he is still hearing from new people about Weaver’s alleged harassment — his pattern of soliciting young men by offering them “jobs and internships in exchange for sex.”

Girdusky clarified that these are not just verbal accusations. The alleged harassment involves direct messages by way of Twitter from Weaver to these young men. If they are indeed from Weaver, this is written proof of his behavior.

According to multiple sources, the Lincoln Project knew all about Weaver’s alleged predations going back as far as March 2020 but did nothing about it. The grift was just too lucrative. The far-left group scammed close to $90 million from gullible leftists, and only a third of that went to television advertising.

Remember: all the Lincoln Project was doing was defending “traditional conservatism.” That’s all. They have all the same views as George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell, and everyone else in the party who isn’t named Donald J. Trump.

The Republican establishment has been filled with so-called “homosexual pedophiles” for decades. By the way, the proper term here is “pederast,” which is a term that is typically interchangeable with “homosexual.”

You’re going to have a very hard time finding homosexuals who don’t prefer teenage boys over adult men (I’m sure they do exist, but they are a minority, given the nature of the pathology).

What’s more, politics in general are always going to be filled with sexual deviants, because the people who pull the strings in politics want to have blackmail on their puppets, just to ensure they don’t get out of line.

It’s worthy of note that all of this stuff about John Weaver has been known for years, and it is only now coming out because the election is over, and Joe Biden has successfully stolen the election.

A Long History

The Republican Congressman Denny Hastert, who was the Speaker of the House during the Bush years, was outed as a pederast a few years back. He ended up in prison over it.

This was a guy who worked very closely with George W. Bush.

With Mitch McConnell.

With John McCain. With the whole crew. He was a top level official.

During the same time period, a Republican Congressman, Mark Foley, was forced to resign after it was exposed he was having a sexual relationship with an underage boy.

If you want to go even deeper, there was a scandal in the 1990s where certain powerful Republicans were running a trafficking ring involving young boys. There is a banned documentary on it called “Conspiracy of Silence,” which you can still get on BitChute.

The book that this documentary is based on, which catalogs high-level homosexual pederast activities in Nebraska politics and links them to national Republican politics, was written by John DeCamp, a war vet who worked for the CIA before becoming a Nebraska state senator. The book he wrote about it, The Franklin Coverup, is for some reason still available on Amazon.

He alleged that the whole thing was not simply homosexual, but also satanic.

I have not confirmed all of that, but it is certainly food for thought.

I need to go back through and refresh my brain on the details of that and write a long article about it.

Basically, I would not be surprised if virtually everyone in the Republican Establishment is a pederastic homosexual. I mean, just look at Lindsey Graham. I mean. Come on.