Donald J. Trump, the elected President of the United States whose throne was stolen from him by the media and given to the Usurper Joe Biden, released a statement today denouncing the diabolical America-hating fiend Mitch McConnell.

We posted the full text of the statement here at the Specular Effect, however, I am not exaggerating when I say that I have found dozens of mainstream articles that did not link to the full statement. A few outlets did publish the full statement, but the ones that did also published an article about the statement which did not link to the full statement.

What’s more, most of the media framed this as a personal attack on Mitch McConnell. It was that, of course, but it was also a direct statement of a plan that he has to run candidates in primaries to replace Republican politicians that he does not like.

That was the core of the statement: that he has a plan to play Kingmaker, and try to reshape the Republican Party in his image. I don’t know whether he will do this or not, but what I do know is that the only way he will be able to do this is if the establishment allows him to.

All Communications are Completely Locked Down

Regrettably, Trump failed to reshape the party in his image while president. This was primarily due to the fact that Steve Bannon brought in that weird guy, Judge Roy Moore, who screwed up an interview with Sean Hannity and lost to a Democrat in Alabama. That was unfortunate, but he should have pushed forward with that agenda anyway, instead of doing it now that the party has abandoned him.

The thing he really should have done though is stop internet censorship, because the internet censorship means that he does not have the ability to do this kingmaker thing he wants to do now, unless the powers that be decide to let him do it.

Sure, the media is reporting on his mean statements about Mitch McConnell, but the media is under no obligation to report on Trump if Trump is saying things they don’t like. He has no Twitter or Facebook.

What’s more, it’s been established – all the way back in 2017, that the website registrars can collude to make it so you can’t host a domain.

So, say that even without Twitter and Facebook, and with the media refusing to cover him, Donald Trump was able to use to change the outcome of primary elections. Well, the first thing they would do is make it so you couldn’t link on social media, which is what they’ve done.

Then, if that didn’t work, they would just take that domain away from him. They can do that. They did it to me, they will do it to him.

Of course, they wouldn’t ever have to go that far, because the social media bans alongside a media blackout would be enough to make Donald Trump effectively stop existing. The number of people willing to type a website url into the bar to visit a website is very small (trust me, I know).

However – Maybe They Will Let Him Do This?

The transparent fraud of the 2020 presidential election didn’t simply create a situation where people now have a leader that they view as illegitimate. What has happened is that half of the country now believes that the entire system of governance – democracy itself – is illegitimate.

I’m having a hard time figuring out what is going through the heads of the people running this show, and have ultimately concluded that the American establishment has become completely unhinged. I believe they are now overwhelmingly driven by ideology, or some other motivation that is not simply the will to power.

However, if I were the Democrats and the media, I would want to keep the people who voted for Trump busy, and keep them believing that they have some kind of a chance to get something done within the system. That would lessen the chance of some kind of peasant revolt, which could end up being problematic. This has essentially been the goal and function of Q-Anon the entire time.

If I were the top strategist for the Democrat Party, I would obsessively cover Donald Trump’s kingmaker quest. That would make certain that all of these disaffected Americans have something to focus their attention on, while their wealth is stolen, their country is flooded with immigrants, and their government is handed over to a global government run by an international banking cartel.

I don’t think they’ll do that, however. I think they will continue to claim that Trump is a white supremacist terrorist and that he and all his followers must be completely destroyed.

These people are going full death metal. I think Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer – as well as the CIA – are literally listening to Burzum in strategy meetings.

Their goal now is to crush the souls of the people. They have no other clear agenda. They want to inspire fear and loathing everywhere outside of Las Vegas, they want to destroy people as individuals. They are not doing the Art of War, they are not doing Game Theory, they are doing Scorched Earth and Shock and Awe.

If I were to try to make sense of this, I would say that the Davos Men are allowing the US establishment to create an absolute hell on earth so that when control of the country is handed over to the United Nations, it will feel like a breath of fresh air.

As a reminder for those who still believe in Trump. The truth about Trump is: he was handpicked by Jəws to do their bidding. He reneged on his promises to them, pissed them off, they tried to impeach and sabotage his entire presidency, he rebelled more, despite trying to placate them with menial gifts and “accomplishments” such as moving the embassy to Jerusalem; the Jəws didn’t want that — they wanted him to start an all out war with Iran to which he refused. He then realized who the deepstate really was and comprised of (Jəws and Shabbos goys) and got railroaded with the corona virus hoax and election fraud. In the end, Trump was nothing but a shill for Jəwish Israeli causes and we found that out the hard way on the 6th of January.