I’m happy to damn Ted Cruz. I have a long history of disliking this man.

But his family vacation to Cancun, Mexico, during the ice storm in his home state of Texas is the biggest news story in America today.

These headlines are actually nuts. They are really tearing this man apart.

The thing that is notable is that he didn’t attempt to keep this secret. He got on a commercial flight. People know who he is, and everyone has a camera. So, it’s not like it was a clandestine trip, in the way that say, Gavin Newsom eating maskless at a restaurant when everyone else is banned from restaurants was a clandestine trip.

What Cruz is saying is that this vacation was planned before the ice storm, and it was just a normal middle class vacation to the Mexican beach. That story seems to hold up.

It seems to me that this is being promoted as important just because the media is generally out for blood, and ready to pounce on anyone over anything.

I’m not defending Ted Cruz the man, but there should be a little bit of perspective here.