Master of the universe, arbiter of reality and thousand-mask-wearer, Dr. Anthony Fauci came down from his mount on high to inform us cattle, that things won’t be going back to normal until the end of this year.

I’m not surprised, because the predicted end date of the corona virus hoax, according to the World Bank and the Jəws who run it, is scheduled to be completed in 2025. In addition, Fauci has been inconsistent from day one.

Flip flopping Fauci is swayed in whichever way his handlers tell him to be.

By the way, the science has always been the same. MASKS DON’T WORK!

The Science is Settled. Lockdowns are More Deadly Than the Virus and Masks Don’t Work.

You see, folks, it’s NOT about “Health” & “Safety”, folks.

It is about Power and Control

The Jəwish elite are trying to see how far they can push us into accepting their global Communist agenda.

There is no normal that is coming back, guys and this inanity is forever. Resist or get used to it.

The BBC admitted that anyone who has tested positive for ‘coronavirus’ within 60 days of death, is included in the death figures. This is necessary to legitimize the hoax and hysteria, because the elite want us to capitulate to them.

Those deputized into the brainwashing will exact ad-hoc authority on those who aren’t. Those who aren’t, will lose their jobs and livelihoods, will be ridiculed and scorned and possibly even labeled terrorists for not going along with the madness.

Yet, the big picture — the main goal — still remains, Power and Control. Slavery. For the most profitable commodity and resource are humans and getting them to do exactly and whatever it is you want them to do.

Albeit, that some of what is shared in the above video can be rendered speculation, the potentiality and possibilities surrounding what is intended with these types of technology remain endless, and our skepticisms, considering what we have endured for an entire year (coming up in March), would be justified.

Referring to these people as nut jobs and conspiracy theorists is just a way of avoiding the conversion, when we all should be discussing these things. After all, this is why they locked us all down in the first place and congregating in places of worship were banned — to have us not communicate — because when we do, we will unite and resist. That is what they want to avoid.

Labeling us luddites and technophobes; maybe, but us being this way is not without any rationality. The negative reinforcement we have been privy to has made us this way, even though there is a necessary conversion to be had with regards to the next step in human evolution and existence in the face of all-out, full-scale automation.

I promise to discuss it in more comprehensive manner, but for now, I want you readers to read, research and share! Get ready. Get. Ready.