Just as the coronavirus crisis is never going to end, the troops are never leaving Washington. Moreover, this program of soldiers on the streets is going to expand beyond Washington, and become a normal part of daily American urban life.

Obviously, we all understand that there is no “QAnon threat” that requires a military response. That is just some kind of Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus type material.

America is now a militarized police state, and you’re going to just have to get used to men in military outfits pointing with rifles being stationed in public places.

This is related to a general third worldization of America. It is normal in third world countries to have soldiers just hanging out in public with guns.

You see soldiers (or some kind of militarized police under the jurisdiction of federal authority) occupying central urban areas throughout the Islamic world and in Latin America. It isn’t really because there is a threat that could require a military response, it’s more just as a general reminder of the status of authority that the government holds.

This third worldization of America is coinciding with the culture of the third world being feminized and analized, as we reach a global norm.

Just as modern “neoliberalism” is the worst of capitalism and the worst of communism combined under one system, the new global order that is emerging is the worst of the third world combined with the worst of the first world.

That means poverty and a lack of personal freedom combined with state-enforced homosexuality and female social dominance.

This is all happening very quickly, but it is important to take note of the details of it.