Have you tried to be less white, today?

You should, you know, because being white and drinking Coca-Cola isn’t kosher, bro.

By the way, as daily reminder: drink water, not that cancerous sugar stuff.

Boycott Coca Cola and all their products, because they are as many other major companies, anti-white.

Their hatred and discrimination towards whites are being socially sanctioned by crypto-Jəws like ‘DiAngelo’ who teaches about “White Fragility”.

I would also tell white men to boycott white women, too, for the very same reasons.

Race traitor women. (This video got over 2 million views on tiktok. BTW, now that other white girls saw this bullshit, they are going to hop on the “fuck white guys” bandwagon).

But I think what needs to be done with regards to white women is, like most women, they need to be put back in their cages, where they belong.

The 14 words of 14/88 are extremely gynocentric and represents simping of the highest order. It is time you realize that your biggest problem is the white cunt bitch you sleep next to.