Golriz Ghahraman: I’ll bet you a Bitcoin that she’s a whole lot rougher in real life than this picture implies. However, she is a woman. I think she has a right to be called a “woman.”

You won’t find me defending women very often, but here I am going to do it, right now: referring to women as “people with uteruses” is dehumanizing.

Women deserve to be called “women.”

Golriz Ghahraman is an Iranian with a position in the government of New Zealand (because anyone can run white people’s countries for them).

After the female leader of New Zealand started giving away free tampons to women, this Ghahraman person tweeted “women’s rights are women’s rights.”

Apparently, trannies or Jews or whoever complained about this.

They said that expressing the idea that a person who menstruates is the same thing as a “woman” is an attack on transsexuals.

So, the Ghahraman woman issued an apology, specifying that she was referring to “people with uteruses.”

Apparently, this is simply going to be the permanent status of women going forward. They are no longer allowed to be “women.” They are now “people with uteruses.”

It is hard to imagine anything more dehumanizing than that. Surely, it is six million times more dehumanizing than my continued calls for women to be beaten and caged.

This is simply more proof that Democrats are the real woman haters.

I think that at some point, women are going to begin to understand the larger implications of this transsexual agenda. It is a lot more than simply never being able to win a sports match ever again.

But hey, this is what women have brought upon themselves. The revolution always devours its own. Women destroy society.