So, I’m so not into conspiracy theories — wild bullshit assertions that cannot be supported by evidence that crackheads come up with — like the lizard, Anunaki Nibiru children hiding in Velakovsky’s attic.

But…but…but…I stumbled upon some really strange shit, while preparing another article for you guys.

While working on the ‘rona Chronicles article, I was looking into the Latin translation for the word “quarantine”. This is what came up.

I then copied “tempus valetudini spectandae praestitutum”, switched the translator to Latin to English and got this.

I then copied “time to observe their plan” and again, switched the translator to English to Latin, once again, and got this.

I did it again and it spat this out.

Can someone explain why this would happen?

Try it yourselves. See what happens.