It’s private companies, goy. They’re allowed to do whatever they want, because it’s not the government.

They’re also allowed to work with the government to silence you.

Private companies are allowed to work directly with the government to censor political opponents. It’s in the First Amendment. It’s only that the government is not allowed to do censorship by its self.

This is just basic libertarianism, which is the basis of our entire civilization.


Joe Biden’s administration is reportedly working directly with Silicon Valley giants to root out ‘misinformation and disinformation’ that hampers US vaccination efforts, indicating hands-on involvement in Big Tech censorship.

“Disinformation that causes vaccine hesitancy is going to be a huge obstacle to getting everyone vaccinated and there are no larger players in that than the social media platforms,” a source with direct knowledge about the cooperation told Reuters.

“We are talking to them… so they understand the importance of misinformation and disinformation and how they can get rid of it quickly.”

The White House previously acknowledged working with tech giants like Facebook and Google on the issue, but direct engagement was not confirmed, Reuters said.

The Biden administration wants digital platforms to suppress content that can result in events like the anti-vaccination protest at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles in late January, the source said. The arena has been repurposed as a drive-in mass vaccination site, one of the largest in the US, after being used for Covid-19 testing since May.

If you didn’t want a libertarian policy, you shouldn’t have voted for all of these libertarian politicians.

This is all your fault, voter.

Next time, vote for socialists who will regulate big tech, instead of extremist libertarian purists like Joe Biden.

Maybe get a new Constitution where the First Amendment doesn’t specifically say that private companies can work with the government to silence political dissent.

Jəws like Milton Friedman, have hoodwinked us by hijacking libertarianism for the sake of promoting big business take overs and monopolies, by whaling against government interventionism.

It was a disgusting Jêwish plot to keep government out of big business, but allow big business to meddle with government.

These are our values.