Texas personal home energy bills ended up as high as $17,000 for reasons that I didn’t really understand.

It was some kind of scheme where people had to pay a premium because the grid was down, but I have no conception as to how something like that could be legal.

I can believe that the wheeled governor is wheeling.

But I wouldn’t trust him dealing, which as far as I can tell is very likely to be dirty dealing.

Fox News:

Texas Governor Greg Abbott held an emergency meeting with legislators Saturday to deal with the spike some Texans are seeing in their electric bills.

Some have reported getting charged thousands of dollars for last week alone.

It’s due to a temporary massive spike in the energy market during the power crisis.

The state said it will work to find out the total cost of these energy bills and how the state can reduce the burden.

However, it’s unclear what concrete steps will be taken.

Remember: this wheeled sonovabitch is the one who approved switching out all of the electricity generation for windmills – irony of ironies, for the ostensible purpose of stopping the weather from getting too hot!

I don’t know the motivations of a wheeled man.

I know that as a man, if you develop normally, then by the age of 25 and 30 at the latest, you are no longer driven primarily by a drive for vagina, unless you’ve got some kind of developmental issue (one of Donald Trump’s key problems was a developmental issue, which kept his emotional state at the age of 15, hence his thing with the women).

However, even after you’ve lost the fixation with women, you are still driven by testosterone, as testosterone is the creative force. What is a wheeled man driven by?

Did you know that the ultimate wheeled man, Stephen Hawking, was a regular at sex clubs?

He also went to Jeffrey Epstein’s Jailbait Island.

If I’m just going to be frank with you, I also think that a lot of that stuff that Hawking said is bullshit. All that stuff about black holes and “bending space time” – I think it’s a load of absolute nonsense.

We don’t know what drives these wheeled men. However, I’ve trusted a wheeled man once – once – and I was betrayed.

Never again will I trust a wheeled man.

If a man without working legs comes around and tries to do dealings with me – I tell them to take a hike!

But no, for all those people who call me a hater (Jəws), I don’t even hate cripples. I wish them all the best.

They have my blessing to – you know.