Gina Carano was clearly trying to get fired. She tweeted in support of Donald Trump, about election fraud, about trannies, then finally said that white people were being treated like Jews before the Holocaust. Maybe one tweet could have just been steroid-fueled unhingement, but the pattern made it clear she was trying to get fired.

It was a smart move. She is 38 years old, and not getting any younger. Playing a supporting character on a popular TV show was going to be the peak of her career.

Now, she’s created a whole new career complaining about getting fired for tweeting all those tweets she tweeted.

Unfortunately, she’s working with Ben Shapiro of all Jews in her move into a new career. Talk about trading a walk on part in The Wall for a lead role in a cage – yikes.

Her interview with Shapiro, posted less than 24 hours ago at time of writing, already has 1.5 million views.

It’s over an hour long and I didn’t watch it. I don’t really care what she’s talking about. That is to say, I already know what she’s talking about. It’s all just talking points.

This is the bar for a conservative hero: a 40-year-old “sexy” steroid woman from a children’s show saying she doesn’t support leftism.

I’m not even trying to disparage her. It’s fine. I don’t think this is negative, in terms of a social phenomenon. I just don’t really think it matters. It’s just kind of a stupid distraction.

White people have gone from “this is our country, we make the rules here,” to “please, just let us make a few quips on the internet saying mild things that we believe.”

It’s not a defensible position, frankly, because it is so small.

Imagine you’re playing the game Risk. You’ve gotten to the point where your opponent controls the whole map – except New Guinea.

You hold New Guinea.

So what happens then? Do you say “okay, let’s just end the game”?

If you end the game at that point, you still lose the game. You’re not going to win back the map.

This is what has happened in the Western world. We have lost the game. Attempting to hold onto something so tiny as “well we should be allowed to make mild comments on the internet” is utterly futile.

We need a new plan of action that does not revolve around attempting to hold some tiny piece of cultural territory. We need a plan that can actually result in reclaiming control of the board.