The supposed president of America, Joe Biden, who lost the presidential election by a huge margin. but was installed as president anyway, because America is controlled by Jews, has said the n-word.

Liars in the Jewish media are refusing to acknowledge that Joe Biden did this, and are refusing to acknowledge the damage that this does to the black community. However, as Twitter user Malcom Flex confirmed, even Samsung auto captions admits that Joe Biden said “Nigger here next, I’m eager to hear.”

I don’t know what Joe Biden is eager to hear from these so-called “niggers,” because I haven’t watched the clip for context. I didn’t bother to look for it, because I’ve watched enough Joe Biden clips to know that there isn’t any context, he’s just rambling incoherently with the odd buzzword thrown in to tie it together.

The n-word however is the wrong kind of buzzword.

This is clearly an impeachable offense. We need to get the Republican populist hero Matt Gaetz on the case.

He should make a joint statement with his so-called “Cuban house servant,” who he calls “my son,” who is actually presumed to be his gay lover.

Matt Gaetz thinks people think this is like Batman and Robin, and the Cuban boy is “his ward.” Well, firstly, Matt, Batman was written in the 1930s, and Bruce Wayne was a multi-millionaire industrialist who was rearing the boy, Dick Grayson, because his parents, who were trapeze artists, died when gangsters put acid on their trapeze wire.

Secondly, Batman is a comic book for children, and the publishers wanted a younger character in the stories as a self-insert for the younger readers.

Thirdly, the reason that “Batwoman” was introduced in the first place is that parents were looking at the comics and thinking that Bruce and Dick were homosexual lovers. Like PhagMan and HeadBobbin’. That is literally why they added Batwoman – she was not actually Batman’s wife, but to a parent glancing at the book, it would look like it was a family of bat people, instead of a homosexual man and a teen boy.

So, this is what should happen:

  • Gaetz should impeach Biden for saying the n-word
  • Gaetz should, at the impeachment trial, keeping saying “and I’m quoting” and saying “nigger”
  • Gaetz should then be impeached for himself saying the n-word
  • Gaetz and Biden should both resign in shame

Seriously you guys, I can’t deal with this Matt Gaetz thing.

He’s too weird.

Yes, Josh Hawley looks like an android. He actually looks like the evil android from that horrible “Picard” show.

However, at least Howley is…

Wait, I don’t really have a “however.”

He’s less of a weirdo than Gaetz, for sure.

However, beyond the potentially not utterly offensive android like persona, Howley is:

  • From Yale
  • A former clerk for ultimate weirdo John Roberts

We do not really have any good leaders.

Someone has to stop the real racist: Joe “N-Word” Biden.