A new book claims that a top Biden aide said the coronavirus was the best thing that ever happened to him, claims the media.

The most interesting thing about this story is that the blackout on saying anything that could possibly be construed as negative about the Biden Administration, has apparently been lifted.

It was a toss-up as to whether or not the media was going to pretend to be acting critically, or if they just went full North Korea.

Most of the media thus far has been pure North Korea, and they probably focus grouped that, or got data from their computer simulations that use algorithms to categorize social media chatter, and decided that some bit of criticism was more effective than full North Korea.

The Guardian:

A senior adviser to Democrat Joe Biden in his campaign for president believed “Covid is the best thing that ever happened to him”, a new book reports.

It was, the authors add, a necessarily private comment that “campaign officials believed but would never say in public” as the US reeled from the impact of the pandemic amid hospitals stretched to breaking and with deaths mounting and the economy falling off a cliff.

The remark, made to “an associate” by Anita Dunn, a Washington powerbroker who the Atlantic called “The Mastermind Behind Biden’s No-Drama Approach to Trump”, is reported in Lucky: How Joe Biden Barely Won the Presidency, by Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes.

The first major book on the 2020 election, a campaign indelibly marked by the coronavirus, will be published next week. The Guardian obtained a copy.

This week, President Biden commemorated the 500,000th US Covid death with solemn ceremony and a request that Americans “remember those we lost and those we left behind”.

At least he didn’t commemorate it with an IED designed to blow out blue smoke.

I don’t actually know who these authors are, but apparently they’ve written things that are considered to have been accurate by someone.

Allen and Parnes, of NBC News and the Hill, also collaborated on Shattered, a similarly speedy history of Hillary Clinton’s White House run in 2016. In their new book they record Biden’s view of his predecessor in her defeat by Trump – he thought her a “terrible candidate” – and the views of Barack Obama, whom Biden served as vice-president from 2009 to 2017, as the 2020 campaign unfolded.

Obama first “seemed to be enamored with a former Texas congressman, Beto O’Rourke”, Allen and Parnes write, then later told Biden’s aides he feared his friend, aged 77 when the primary began, would only succeed in embarrassing himself and tarnishing a distinguished Washington career.

But Dunn’s reported comment points to what became the dominant theme of the election. As the pandemic capsized Trump along with the economy Biden, through a much more cautious approach to campaigning and basic public health concerns, appealed to voters as the right man to manage a recovery.

Look: no one knows if anything in these books, or virtually anything at all in the New York Times or the Washington Post, is actually true. There is zero consequences for saying “anonymous source said” and then just making something up. It’s 100% trust-based, and frankly, I’m not a big Jəwish journalist truster.

The thing is: if you just think about something someone would have said, it’s very easy to just make it up.

It doesn’t matter if Dunn actually said it or not. “Coronavirus is the best thing that ever happened to Joe Biden” is effectively a tautology.

Here are some similar statements:

  • “Cocaine was the best thing that ever happened to El Chapo.”
  • “Music was the best thing that ever happened to Elvis Presley.”
  • “Ships were the best thing that ever happened to Christopher Columbus.”

The election was obviously fake, but without the coronavirus, they wouldn’t have been able to commit the amount of fraud they needed to win. The bulk of the fraud was in the mail-in ballots.

Furthermore, without the media mantra that “Trump mishandled the coronavirus and created the pandemic,” Biden would have 30% of the vote instead of the 40% he actually likely got, which would have made the logistics of the fraud that much more difficult.

In addition, without “people voted for him because of the virus,” not even the Democrats would be able to look themselves in the mirror and say Biden won.

Everyone knows this, so whether or not some Jəw woman said it makes no difference.

The intelligence agencies have “above top secret” think tanks that come up with all kinds of various social engineering plans. Some of them they enact, some of them they don’t. Some of them we find out they enacted, some of them we are left to speculate about. Usually, if you suspect something was an intelligence agency plot, it probably is. Maybe when you’re in your old age, they’ll release the documents showing that everything you believed in your whole life was a CIA social engineering operation, as a way to mock you.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

Exhibit D:

No, no. Of course I’m certain the Moon landing was 100% legit.

But psychedelic drug culture, feminism and modern art are all admitted to have been CIA cultural operations to, you know, fight communism or something.

As I discussed earlier, an X-Files spin-off show that aired months before the 911 attacks featured the exact story of the 911 attacks, and the star of the show told Alex Jones it was a result of CIA guys hanging around the set of the X-Files and just shooting the shit with people about the kinda kooky stuff the CIA thinks up.

The implication was that some CIA agent said that “there was some kooky plan to fly a plane into the World Trade Center in order to justify a global war on terror, but like most of these kooky plans, it never manifested.” Obviously, if whoever told the producers of the show that this was something that had been planned had known they were actually going to do it, he probably would not have told them about it.

He just thought it was something like this:

The point I am circling back to here is that it is very likely that this whole “the flu is actually a new kind of flu and it’s killing everyone” plan was just lying around in some lunatic’s folder, and they decided to do it BECAUSE Donald Trump got elected president.

If you actually look at everything that they are heading towards with this coronavirus, it is all stuff that we’ve been hearing that we were going to have to do because of global warming anyway:

  • Creating a global government to fight a global problem
  • Deindustrializing and thereby effectively abolishing the middle class
  • Ending global travel
  • Restricting private property rights
  • Creating a government “allowance” system for the peasants (“Universal Basic Income”)
  • Moving people into “walking city” compounds where they live and work inside of an enclosure that is effectively sealed

Slowly easing people into this via the global warming hoax would have been a lot less insane and dangerous to the agenda than doing this wacky flu hoax.

Hillary Clinton was supposed to win the election in 2016, and this was all going to roll along according to plan. Trump’s election was a total system failure, and this “pandemic” hoax was used to destroy him.

If things were going according to plan, we’d be in Hillary’s second term, and Joe Biden would be playing with his dogs on a lawn at Martha’s Vineyard, not the White House lawn.

And he wouldn’t be wearing a mask.