First we were told that it was only a 1-2 week lockdown to keep the hospitals from being overwhelmed.

Then we were told that we had to wait for a vaccine.

Then we were told that the vaccines don’t work until everyone has them.

Then we were told that if you get the vaccine, you can get an internal passport that will allow you to travel.

Now, the internal passport probably won’t allow you to travel, says the de facto head of the EU.


As the EU remains divided on how exactly Covid-19 health passports should be implemented, Commission President Ursula von der Leyen urged members to hurry to find a European solution, warning that Big Tech might step in first.

European leaders got together for a large two-day video conference on Thursday, discussing the outstanding issues the bloc faces. The coronavirus situation and the EU’s response to it are among the main topics, with the issue of the proposed health certificates – or passports – remaining highly divisive.

While, in principle, the EU leaders agreed that a universal health certificate of sorts is needed to open up borders and revitalize the coronavirus-battered tourism industry, there’s still no clarity on how exactly they will be implemented.

“We have all agreed that we need vaccine certificates,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel told reporters after the first day of the talks.

“In the future, it will certainly be good to have such a certificate but that will not mean that only those who have such a passport will be able to travel; about that, no political decisions have been made yet.”

Von der Leyen urged the bloc’s leaders to hurry up and produce their vision of the certificates. As an example of how it might be done, she cited Israel’s work in tracking a person’s vaccination history using so-called Green Passes. However, they have reportedly turned out to be easily prone to forgery.

At the same time, she admitted there was no political unity on the exact use of the proposed certificates, or the scientific concerns, as it remains “unclear whether you can transmit the disease even if you are vaccinated.”

If no European solution regarding health certificates comes soon, Big Tech would unavoidably fill the void, von der Leyen warned.

“It is important to have a European solution because otherwise others will go into this vacuum,” she told a press briefing.

“Google and Apple are already offering solutions to the WHO [World Health Organization]. And this is sensitive information so we want to be very clear here that we offer a European solution.”

Obviously (to me), the “vaccine passport” is going to be made in cooperation with Google and Apple, as it is going to be a digital document. Furthermore, this establishes Silicon Valley as the de facto center of the global government, as they will be working with every government to give people permission to travel.

Spoiler alert: you’re never going to be allowed to travel internationally again. This is going to be something reserved for the elite, and of course for more IQ black and brown people who continue to flood white countries.

This coronavirus system has given the elite the opportunity to create an absolute control grid, where all movement and behavior requires their permission. They’re not going to ever let you move around normally again. Why would they allow you to do that, when you’ve surrendered the decision-making process to them? Because they love you?

Spoiler alert: the ruling elite does not actually love you. They only pretend to love you, as they feed off of you.

Sadly – and I really do hate to have to say this – but even your one and only true mommies do not love you.