So I ran across this:

I said to myself “now, that photo appears to be doing the opposite of what the headline implies it is intended to do, because when I think of ‘reductive stereotypes’ of Appalachian people, I think of some Insane Clown Posse moron with the Jared Leto ‘Damaged’ tattoo on his face.”

That is literally what my stereotypes are reduced to.

The rest of the photos included in the article are along the same lines. There are only four more photos.

The slightly alien looking prom queen.

The trailer houses in-between mountains.

The fat slut in front of a shitty house.

Dogs wrestling with each other.

“Challenging stereotypes” is such a Jewish focus-grouped nonsense term. In this case, it’s being used to passive aggressively mock poor white people.

The implication is that you are supposed to be enlightened on the fact that things are not exactly as you’d imagined them, but then they show you a bunch of pictures that are exactly all the precise stereotypes that anyone has of Appalachia.

Frankly, I’m sure these pictures are pretty standard. Stereotypes exist for a reason, and “challenging” them is like “challenging rainy weather.”

What you would want to do, if you wanted to shed some light on the situation, is do a headline along the lines of “Understanding Appalachians” and go talk to these people about what is going on with them, because I can tell you one thing that is certain: these people have a lot, lot, lot of problems, and no one in Washington DC, New York, Los Angeles or Brussels gives a shit about those problems.

We have endless stories about the suffering of people in Honduras, explaining how their lives are so sad, because their country is so violent, and the only option is to bring them to America. Well, you know who created the violence in Honduras? Hondurans.

Meanwhile, you know who created the problems of the people in Appalachia (none of those problems being violent in nature)?

People from Washington DC, New York, Los Angeles and Brussels.

These are our own people, people who were born in this country, people whose grandfathers were born in this country, and they are suffering because of problems other people created for them. If you actually cared about helping people, you would start with the people that are already in your country. You would definitely not bring in a bunch of violent savages to compete with your own suffering people for resources.

We hear every single day about how resources are limited, no? Don’t you hear that every single day?

Bill Gates, who is for reasons as of yet to be explained the ruling master of America, just said we have to eat meat made from microbes because of limited resources.

But these people are telling us that the best way to distribute these supposedly limited resources is to… bring everyone to America and have them live on welfare?

This is all just anti-human, and it’s insane.

Nonetheless, I’m glad these pictures were published by CNN. Not because they challenge stereotypes, but because they remind people of the fact that we have a stereotypically poor population inside of our country who no one gives a shit about, who no one is trying to help.

No one speaks for these people. Isbell is now out there singing about the sickening blood-drinking blacks. If there’s one person who should know that this whole entire thing of black suffering is just a bunch of bollocks, it’s him. Instead he’s out there talking about the blacks, and shaming a guy for jokingly saying the n-word in private with his friends.

Morgan Wallen said the n-word, and he’d covered one of Isbell’s songs, so Isbell donated money to the blacks.

You know who’s a nigger, Isbell? You’re a nigger.

You sold out a kid so fucked up he got the Jared Leto Joker tattoo on his face and pretended like the real problem in America is that black people get their feelings hurt when someone says a word in a private conversation. As if by magic.

Is that the theory, Isbell? Is the harm magical in nature? What other explanation is there?

I will give you credit for Cumberland Gap, however.

But this thing with the blacks has officially gone way too far, Isbell.

There are people that need help, and it is not the blacks.

Donald Trump said he was going to help them. He sort of kinda tried.

The Washington Post recently published a bizarre article. Actually, the article wasn’t actually bizarre, but the fact that they published it was.

According to the article, virtually everyone arrested for rioting at the Capitol was poor. Ashli Babbitt, who was killed by cops during the event, was hit with a $23,000 fine from a lender after she took out a loan to try to save her failing pool-cleaning business.

I guess she doesn’t have to pay that back! Silver lining!

I’ve stopped hoping that things will ever get better. They’re not going to get better, unless the entire society collapses. You people – the readers – are a majority middle class, and you had the ability to do something about this, and you didn’t and now it’s too late.

What I hope now is that everyone is forced to feel what the struggling people of this country have been forced to feel through all of this. Not really, but to provide emphasis to the realities of real suffering in this country. I want the people who voted for Joe Biden to be put in the position that the people who voted for Donald Trump were put in. I want them to know what the emptiness inside of the son of a coal miner who has no job and no future and gets the Jared Leto Joker tattoo on his face feels like.

I want everyone to get what they deserve.

And it looks like that is going to happen.

It looks like we’re all gonna go down together, regardless.