What is going on? Why are the fuck are these people in our country?

They’re making all these demands, just telling us what to do? Telling white people what to do?

Why are whites allowing this?

The New York Times has just admitted that a 2018 event with some black bitch whining was literally Jussie Smollet tier. Just like they all are, frankly.

Jonathan Turley writes:

Smith College and its President Kathleen McCartney are under fire for its treatment of employees after a student, Oumou Kanoute, accused the school of racism in an incident with a security officer and a lunch worker.  The incident was disproven but McCartney and the college (as well as the media) treated the allegation as manifestly true — resulting in destruction of the reputations of a number of employees who were labeled as racists or examples of white privilege.  To this day, McCartney remains unapologetic for her failure to guarantee due process and fairness for these employees, even after an investigation of the incident in a recent New York Times piece.

Smith has long been a symbol of the elite with tuition costs exceeding $75,000. It is also an institution known for its liberal politics. The school was thrown into a frenzy in 2018 when Ms. Kanoute tweeted out that she was the victim of a racist encounter with a campus security officer. “All I did was be black. It’s outrageous that some people questioned my being at Smith College and my existence overall as a woman of color.” ABC’s “Good Morning America”  ran an account that notably did not seriously question the underlying facts.  On the program, Kanoute stated:

KANOUTE:  I see the cop walk in with a Smith employee, whom I’ve never seen before, and the man asked me, ‘We were wondering why you’re here.’ … It just still upsets me to just talk about it, because I don’t even feel safe on my own campus and I’m away from home. I’m the first in my family to go to college. 

Various media outlets also ran stories about the shocking and abusive encounter with the security officer who allegedly confronted Ms. Kanoute without any justification.  In reality, Kanoute was in a house that was closed to students. Only children attending a summer camp were allowed to use the building’s cafeteria.  There are various reasons, including legal reasons, why schools close access to areas used by younger children in such programs. The encounter with the security officer however was taped and (despite the clam of his being armed and abusive) the officer was unarmed and polite. Here is the entire exchange;


MAN: How you doing?

KANOUTE: Good, how are you?

MAN: We were wondering why you were here.

KANOUTE: Oh, I was eating lunch. I’m working the summer program, so I was just relaxing on my couch … 

MAN: Oh, just taking a break. So you’re with one of the summer programs?

KANOUTE: Yeah, I’m actually a TA …

MAN: So that’s what it was … 

KANOUTE: Yeah, I mean, it’s OK. It’s just, like, kind of, stuff like this happens way too often where people just feel, like, threatened. 

Nevertheless, the school ordered immediate action on the assumption that this was a serious racial incident.  The ACLU (which apparently did little investigation) agreed with Kanoute that this was an incident of a student being abused for “eating while black.” McCartney suspended the janitor who called campus security. She also ordered campus wide training sessions and seminars to deal with racism on campus.

Kanoute publicly demanded the release of the name of an employee in the incident for public condemnation and she was supported by many like Charles Song:


Kanoute reportedly published the picture and name of at least one of the employee and accused a cafeteria worker, Jackie Blair, of being a racist despite later findings that Blair played no role in the incident.  According to the reports, “[Blair] discovered that Kanoute had posted her photograph, name and email on Facebook, along with that of another janitor, Mark Patenaude, a 21-year veteran of Smith College, who was not even on site at the time of the July 31 incident.”

The custodian, the security officer, the cafeteria worker, and others found themselves the targets of threats and public denunciations.

Even after the intensive investigation found that there was no racial bias incident, McCartney and others refused to apologize and most of the media did not report on the fact that the original allegation was disproven. McCartney simply declared “I suspect many of you will conclude, as did I, it is impossible to rule out the potential role of implicit racial bias.”

The ACLU was even more dismissive of the abusive treatment of these workers who earned less in salaries than the annual tuition at the school. Keep in mind that the report exonerated these employees who spent years being called racists and left the school. Rahsaan Hall, racial justice director for the A.C.L.U. of Massachusetts and Ms. Kanoute’s lawyer, simply said “It’s troubling that people are more offended by being called racist than by the actual racism in our society. Allegations of being racist, even getting direct mailers in their mailbox, is not on par with the consequences of actual racism.”

Most recently, another employee went public with a resignation and her own story. Jodi Shaw is graduate of Smith College and worked at the college as a librarian. She objected to the racial training seminars ordered by the school in response to the Kanoute incident.  While she loved Smith College, she finally left after what she saw as indoctrination and humiliation. She published the following letter which has been posted publicly.  In the letter to McCartney, Shaw states in part:

In spite of an independent investigation into the incident that found no evidence of racial bias, the college ramped up its initiatives aimed at dismantling the supposed racism that pervades the campus. This only served to support the now prevailing narrative that the incident had been racially motivated and that Smith staff are racist.

There is no such thing as “racism.”

The entire concept is a hoax.

What there is such a thing as is this: “this is my country and I don’t want you here, you have to leave now.”

If Oumou Kanoute doesn’t like the way she is being treated, her home continent of Africa is a very big place and I heard it is thousands of years in the future, with regards to technology, quality of life and morals.

This is insane, letting these people come into our country (a white country) and just take over like this. Whites and their fucking generosity — let ungrateful savages in, who brow beat them every chance they get.

But why wouldn’t they do it? If Oumou Kanoute can come to America, and become the center of attention, get famous, boss people around, ruin people’s lives, why would she not do it?

You can’t rely on the good will of people, if you invite them to come abuse you. This woman was invited into our country to abuse whites.

Who invited her?

Well, the Jəws, and Women.

Why were the Jëws allowed to invite her?

Well, because white women were given the right to vote, and they consistently vote for Jəwish domination of society, because they are so easily manipulated by media, and so concerned with having the “right” views. Women are just infuriatingly stupid.

The problem is not racial integration. No one would ever have thought of racial integration if the Jəws hadn’t suggested it, and no one would have approved of it if women didn’t have a say in politics.

Saying “the real problem is race” is no different than saying “the real problem is trannies.” The real problem is Jəws, and the source of their power is the empowerment of women.

At this point, I know nothing is getting fixed. It’s all just too fucked. We all kinda know that. This is going to end the only way it ever could have ended: in fire and blood.

But listen: we’re gonna start over. When that happens, Jews are not going to be around anymore. Women will be. Here’s the number one thing you need to remember: if any woman tries to speak in public, you need to hit her across the face, and tell her: “next time, you’re going to lose teeth. Plural.”