As the reader is aware, I am entirely against the concept of ideology. However, all of the ideologies, from communism to libertarianism, have true elements to them. If they didn’t, no one would follow them.

One thing that is true from Libertarianism is that big government tends towards incompetence and corruption. The Libertarians tend towards stressing the incompetence angle, but incompetence is the best cover for corruption.

However, I should say that this is only really possible in a Democracy system. In an authoritarian system, where there is one big boss and many small bosses under him, everything that is happening is ultimately the responsibility of the big boss.

As an example, so obvious that it’s almost below the belt: if in China, they had an aide program, and the majority of the aide was sucked up by scam artists, Xi Jinping would be called out before the people to explain what was going on, and how he was going to fix it.

Everyone knows that he’s the big boss. His face is everywhere. So, he’s gonna have to explain anything that goes terribly wrong, or the masses of people will get angry.

Whose going to explain the endemic incompetence/corruption of the coronavirus federal aide program?

It’s a rhetorical question. No one is going to explain it. Democrats and Republicans will blame each other, and the entire population will accept that it is the fault of the opposite party.


With the floodgates set to open on another round of unemployment aid, states are being hammered with a new wave of fraud as they scramble to update security systems and block scammers who already have siphoned billions of dollars from pandemic-related jobless programs.

The fraud is fleecing taxpayers, delaying legitimate payments and turning thousands of Americans into unwitting identity theft victims. Many states have failed to adequately safeguard their systems, and a review by The Associated Press finds that some will not even publicly acknowledge the extent of the problem.

The massive sham springs from prior identity theft from banks, credit rating agencies, health care systems and retailers. Fraud perpetrators, sometimes in China, Nigeria or Russia, buy stolen personal identifying information on the dark web and use it to flood state unemployment systems with bogus claims.

Yeah, I’m sure the main perpetrators of identity theft are China, Nigeria and Russia.

How stupid do you think I am, AP?

India has an entire, massive industry based around identity theft and fraud. They have huge offices set up for this purpose, and they are siphoning billions and billions from not just the American government, but from individual Americans.

Furthermore, every single person who I’ve read about that has been caught committing coronavirus aide fraud locally has had an Indian name.

No one mentions this, because what they are doing is effectively an act of war, and we wouldn’t want such a great ally to be defamed as such.

The U.S. Justice Department is investigating unemployment fraud by “transnational criminal organizations, sophisticated domestic actors, and individuals across the United States,” said Joshua Stueve, a spokesman for the department’s criminal division.

The Labor Department inspector general’s office estimates that more than $63 billion has been paid out improperly through fraud or errors — roughly 10% of the total amount paid under coronavirus pandemic-related unemployment programs since March.

I can just tell you right now, it’s a lot more than that.

Of course, the bulk of the fraud is done by the government itself, directing this “aide” money directly to private banking institutions. No one is paying attention and the media won’t cover it.

Maybe you’ll find something in The Intercept or Commentary Magazine, which no one will read, but the numbers could be dug up by journalists if they were interested.

They’re not interested.

The AP article goes on to give numbers, which appear to be pulled out of nowhere.

I don’t give financial advice, ever, but here’s a protip: all of this money is going to end up in the stock market, or the real estate market, because those two scam industries are designed to absorb huge amounts of excess cash so as we do not have hyper-inflation as the result of printing trillions upon trillions of dollars in wealth.

Whether it goes to the people or the scam artists, it all ends up in either the stock market or the real estate market, because these areas are now open for infinite expansion of supposed value.

Of course, that is the definition of a “bubble,” and common wisdom is that bubbles eventually pop, and everyone loses everything.

The only thing that is fundamentally capable of maintaining value when you’re engaging in this kind of rampant money printing, is real estate and probably precious metals. Maybe Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. Then of course the stocks of necessary companies that give dividends and provide necessary services, such as anything to do with food and energy, but those you wouldn’t want to buy until after the bubble pops, because they’re already as inflated as everything else (well, not as inflated as Tesla, obviously, but still inflated to the point that if you bought them now, you’d lose money if the entire bubble popped).

I’m not going to give financial advise.

I’m just telling you.

The only advice I would give is this: you will not regret it if you buy property outside of the big cities. Sell everything and buy rural property.

If you need inspiration to make that kind of radical move, here it is: