Note: Yes, I’m aware the audio in that speech is too low to listen to on a regular phone. I went around and looked for a better version, and they all have very low volume. He shilled his website,, but there is nothing on the website, definitely not a copy of this video with better audio, which is something you would think he would want. He is counting on other people to release this video, and they all released it with sound too low to hear on max volume on a normal iPhone. And no, at time of writing, there is no RSBN version of it up. I don’t know why. I don’t know how Trump thinks he’s gonna do anything without his own media.

Donald Trump is back.

The big guy gave a speech at CPAC, announcing effectively that he’s in total control of the Republican Party, and he’s going to run again in 2024. I highly doubt this. If this occurs, it’ll only be to provide more compium to the Trumptards, who blindly believe and are convinced that he is the answer to their problems.

  • The journey never ends
  • We’re really winning
  • There will be no new party
  • We are already winning
  • Joe Biden is really bad
  • Donald Trump is really good
  • Maybe he’ll run in 2024 (that means he will run in 2024)
  • The country was actually totally fantastic when Trump was president – like, the best place ever
  • Now, the country is total garbage and it’s all bollocks
  • (Ten minutes of pro-vaccine propaganda)
  • Trumpism is a thing, and it is all the same things Trump always said
  • (45 minutes about how the election was a hoax)
  • Trump is gonna be the kingmaker and choose who gets elected
  • Liz Cheney=named
  • Go to
  • We’re about to win big
  • We’re taking back the White House
  • Basically, Trump is the 2024 candidate
  • (Village People Campaign Song)

So, it’s basically everything that you would have expected it to be.

Here’s a one minute summary.

That’s All a Lot of Nonsense, But

Let me tell you why that’s all bullshit in three sentences:

Donald lost the election because it was rigged, as he spent 45 minutes explaining, and now Democrats have total control of the government. In order to un-rig the voting system, you would have to have the Democrats agree to un-rig it. The Democrats are not going to agree to that. Jəws won’t let that happen.

Furthermore, as Trump explained in his speech, they (Jəws) are totally flooding the country with immigrants still, at the same time planning to give tens of millions of them voting rights. So, even if the election system was un-rigged – which again, it won’t be – white people (so-called “conservatives” and “Republicans”) can’t win in 2024 anyway. There are just too many black and brown people (so-called “Democrat voters”).

You also have the problem that he wasn’t really able to get anything done while he was in office, meaning that this is all kind of a waste of time. If he’d won the election, we wouldn’t be on a rocket ship to hell in the way we are now, but things wouldn’t be getting any better either.

Doing Anything is Impossible, Actually

Trump has zero access to the public.

The only network that carried the CPAC speech was Fox News, and right now, CNN is trying to get Fox News pulled off the air. They can delete his website, just like they deleted his Twitter and Facebook. They have fully established the authority to do this. They banned him from social media while he was President of the United States.

So, imagine a scenario where ends up being really popular, and a bunch of people are on there, organizing politically, and the Democrats decide Trump is getting too much power – well, the precedent was established with several websites that you can just steal someone’s domain from them if they are determined to be feeling the emotion of “hate.” It has been well-established by the media that Trump is a “hater.”

They could also put him in prison, but as long as he’s doing this thing he’s doing now, why would they want him in prison?

So, the Bad Part Is

What this is going to do, this Trump plan, is keep the people who would be ready to completely write-off politics as a hoax to continue engaging with politics. That is good for the system. If people genuinely believe that Trump is going to storm back in in 2024, they will sit tight.

That’s really actually bad.

It would be better if Trump had declared himself still president, and said that the government of Joe Biden is fake, and he’s going to continue leading from the new American Capitol, which he could make in West Virginia or something.

He could put National Guard and a barbwire fence around the Capitol of West Virginia, like they’ve done in Washington, and set up a competing military junta.

We knew he didn’t have the balls to do that. We saw no-balls Trump a bit in 2018, but we really saw no-balls Trump after the Capitol Storm when he bitched out and denounced his own rioters who he did incite to riot. I mean, I don’t think he legally incited it, but obviously, all of those people that stormed the Capitol were his people, sans the feds who were apparently leading the charge (see Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, two organizations actually led by the FBI).

Most of the real people just got caught up in something that was organized by the feds. We know this. They pulled the cops and again – both groups which have been charged with “conspiracy” are literally led by agents of the FBI. So, I mean – whatever. He could have come out and said “the feds set this all up” instead of denouncing the people who rioted.

It showed he has no balls, he’s not a real leader. No real leader would denounce their own most hardcore supporters to stay out of prison. Not even the drug addict criminal neo-Nazi CIA spy Alexi Navalny will do that.

If he wanted to, he could have turned that riot into a civil war, and even now, he could set up his own competing junta in some state. If West Virginia is too close to DC, he could do it in Montana or Idaho or something. Most states are Red States, even in the fake 2020 election.

No Way, No How

Let me just tell you frankly: Trump is not going to win the 2024 election. That is a stupid fantasy, and it doesn’t have anything to do with anything other than Trump’s ego.

If he was willing to sacrifice, he would have called the Capitol Stormers heroes, and screamed “DEATH OR GLORY!”

(FBI note: I’m not saying I support that. I’m speaking theoretically, in terms of what a Roman Caesar or Spartan King would have done.)

Those about to die would have saluted him.

We are now in the Dark Times, and Donald Trump failed to stop the darkness, not least because he just didn’t have it in him. He was too self-centered. I believe he loves America, and he did sacrifice some things, but he wasn’t willing to go all the way. Or, he could have been a shill the whole time. Those are my beliefs.

The Good Part

There is a good part.

There is a decent chance that we could end up in a war with China, or that things could just start to collapse otherwise, and the federal government could begin having a very hard time ruling the entire country.

Their plan now is apparently:

  • Keep the coronavirus hoax going as a control mechanism
  • Legalize violent crime and release violent criminals on the streets in order to keep people in a state of chaos and terror
  • Put the military on the streets to enforce Virus Law and fight disinformation and white people

It’s easy to see how that could all go sideways, probably quickly.

So – I’m getting to the good part here – if Trump can start getting a bunch of rando QAnon people in various small positions across the country, that could lead to my “final solution” scenario where states or territories stop recognizing the authority of the federal government.

But I will tell you this thing: the State Department has the ability to put Trump in prison, if they want.

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If they don’t do that, it means that they’ve run computer simulations showing that not doing that will lead to a more favorable outcome than doing that.

This means that statistically, there is more damage that Trump can do to the system in prison than out of prison.

Just Unite

There is no hope.

Those 62 million aborted babies are coming home to roost, and America is going to get what it deserves.

You can’t do this kind of evil forever without a consequence.

There is going to be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

We are going to see fire and blood, and it is going to hurt very badly.

It’s time for everyone to come together and unite. All Goyim.

There’s no one else you can trust at this point, but yourselves and those close to you.

Everyone is going to sell us out.

They will even use Jesus’ name to sell us out.

So, the only thing you can really do is make peace inside yourself, and try to not let this stuff affect you.

It’s going to affect you.

This is all going to get really, really bad and you’re going to wish you’d prepared yourself more.