Given that our society is controlled by satanic Jəws who have an agenda to wipe out White Christians, irrational anti-natal concepts flood every crevice of our bizarre and unnatural culture.

The modern irrational anti-natalist lingo has continually pushed the claim that men think of women as “baby-making machines” and that this is morally wrong. However, “baby-making machines” is literally what women are, and the best among the crueler sex are happy to admit it, and take pride in it.

There are only two things that a woman actually enjoys, and they are also the only two things she is actually good at:

  1. The mating game
  2. Birthing babies

Everyone knows this is true. All of the things a woman loves ultimately revolve around these two things, and a woman who has passed her fertility period and is without children will be the most miserable of all people on earth.

The mating game as played by women is the entire series of behaviors which involve baiting and emotionally manipulating men. Sometimes this game results in sex, but it’s statistically low compared to the number of men that she engages with the suggestion of sex.

Modern society, with its birth control pills and abortion, and its feminist “morality”, encourages women to engage in the mating game well past the period of time in which they are naturally supposed to be doing it. It also constantly tells women that if they seek the second thing they want and are good at, children, then they will regret the loss of the first thing. Though she really does enjoy the mating game, it becomes progressively less enjoyable as she ages, in part because she becomes progressively less successful at it.

Being a “baby machine” is the only way a woman can ever be fulfilled. By the time a woman hit 30 in the olden days, she was welcoming her grandchildren. Before the modern era, it wouldn’t have been particularly remarkable for a woman of 41, like the woman in this show, to be a great-grandmother.

I point these things out, not without understanding that we live in a different age and epoch of human existence where the standards of living are far better than they have been in human history; the pressures and requirements for survival have been altered and look completely different to other times in the past. I do so to point out the fact that women are indeed a huge problem in society and have destroyed society. Allowing them free roam in society was and is a grave mistake.