Virtually every mammal begins breeding as soon as it experiences its first menstruation, which is why women were typically sold off at this age. That biological fact tends to make people in our society very uncomfortable, as in the last century we’ve developed various taboos around an arbitrary age of female sexual readiness. That taboo is in itself not especially problematic. There is no reason women can’t wait until the arbitrary age of 16 to get married and have children. If that is what we were talking about, that would be fine.

But that is not what we are talking about. What we are talking about is waiting to the arbitrary age of 16 before the girl is considered available for so-called “consensual” pre-marital sex. The social acceptability of pre-marital sex is the first concession on the road to zero fertility.

A girl’s innocence is not truly lost when she loses her virginity. Her innocence is lost when she realizes that the man she lost her virginity to will not be her husband. She will shed a tear when her hymen breaks, but it is when she finds that her first will not also be her last that she weeps. Even today, I assume, most teenage girls imagine that they will marry their high school boyfriends. This is because in that state of innocence, she has not yet learned to become a slut.

Most Christian preachers will speak of “waiting until marriage” to have sex. Or, at least, they used to. Human biology, however, works differently than this. In the upper classes, it may have been possible to indoctrinate a girl into forcing a man to wait until marriage. And surely some lower class girls would be just that good. But in what is probably a majority of situations, going all the way back to the establishment of monogamous marriage for life as a fundamental institution for maintenance of the the stability of a complex society, teenagers had sex before marriage, the girl got pregnant and the marriage was then quickly arranged by the parents. I don’t know how these conversations would go, but you can easily imagine it. The marriage would happen quickly, the girl would wear a white dress and everyone would be too polite to do the math on the number of weeks between the wedding and the birth.

It must be noted that even given this dynamic, the girl would not spread her legs until she knew there was a path to marriage. So, she would likely hold out, up through the 50s, to whenever high school was finished. Because when she makes the decision to have sex with a boy, even if it is before the actual ceremony, in her mind he will be her first and last man.

(It must also be noted that even in this ideal scenario, if the incentives for women to abandon men they’d married existed, many women would do so. Not at the same rate that they do so now, but at a society-breaking rate nonetheless. Also, as we will discuss later, if a woman had no choices about where she was able to seek material resources, even a woman who’d had 1,000 sex partners could make a good wife, even though the thought of it is repulsive and confounding).

The problem now is that not only is it socially acceptable for teenage girls to have sex and not get married, but their own mothers are putting them on birth control, and their schools will give them secret abortions. Yes, women are that stupid. Even with these dynamics however, it would still be the inclination of most teenage girls to marry the boy she lost her virginity to. Yet there is literally no path, at all, to marriage.

A teenage girl is told that she not only must wait until she finishes high school, but also college, and then have a job and work for some indeterminate amount of time. Basically, if we were now teaching “wait until marriage to have sex,” we would be telling women to wait until they are nearly a decade past prime fertility. This situation is utterly insane on its face, and it is unbelievable that Christians have accepted it unquestioningly. It is important to comprehend that these vocations — tertiary level education, college and careers — are totally unnatural and inimical to female biology. Most women are so fucking stupid that they think they can undo thousands of years of biology in the space of 50 – 60 years and there not be tremendous deleterious effects.

However, if Christians truly believe that women should wait until marriage to have sex, and believe that the family is the foundational block of society, then literally every single sermon they give should be about the evils of sending women to college instead of marrying them off after high school. If churches were doing that, then we would have an established subculture in the West of conservative-minded people who were creating large, stable families. As the liberals failed to produce children, we would be the overwhelming majority of the population by now if every daughter of a Christian man was pumping out babies from the time she turned 16, but no, instead, preachers are talking about “prosperity gospel” and telling well-meaning people to serve the satanic Jêws who murdered their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

When a girl knows that no path exists to marry the first boy, for which she felt feelings that she will never again feel for the rest of her life, driven by all of these hormones that are intended to create a bond during the teenage years, she gives up on the idea of maintaining her innocence. After the first few boys, she has become hardened to it, and has embraced the fun and the power of promiscuity. This is literally a system designed to break the basic psychological mechanisms that exist biologically in the brain of a female that drives her towards family formation. It is all promoted by the psychological warfare machine that is the media and educational establishment, both of which are totally dominated by the Jəws.

When you start adding abortions into the mix – that is, the literal murder by dismemberment of her own children – you are turning the cute little creature that is a bubbly teenage girl into a monster that is unfit for marriage and an unfit definition of a human being. Of course, despite her lack of fitness, men will still pursue her, but by her early twenties she is already addicted to a lifestyle defined by using her sexuality to entice and manipulate men, i.e., she is fully involved in the above listed first thing that brings her happiness, which is the mating game.

Clearly, we have a pattern of women who approach the end of their fertility developing a kind of madness as they crave pregnancy. Some of them marry low-quality men their own age and successfully manage to have children in their thirties to be followed by an inevitable divorce, but more and more of them are pushing through, childless, and becoming vile demons intent on punishing the society that took a bubbly teenage girl who dreamed of marrying her high school boyfriend and turned her into an old hag. There is no end to the damage such a woman will do, as all purpose has been stripped from her and she exists only to do harm.