Yes! Finally something I and the Jews agree upon.

It’s about time someone stood up for men’s rights.

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From the ACLU statement:

The requirement that only men — but not women — register for the draft is one of the last examples of overt sex discrimination written into our federal law. Today, we joined two young men and the National Coalition For Men (NCFM) to urge the U.S. Supreme Court to put an end to it.

Under the 1948 Military Selective Service Act, men in this country are required to mark their 18th birthdays by registering for the Selective Service System, the list of people who could be called up for military service if the government authorized a draft. Although there hasn’t been a draft since 1973, young men are still required to register or they may face severe penalties.

As long as the government requires young people to register for the draft, requiring men but not women to do so is sex discrimination. That’s why we’re asking the Supreme Court to declare men-only registration unconstitutional.

The ACLU joined two young men and the NCFM, who initially brought a challenge to men-only registration in 2013, to help bring their case to the Supreme Court. Representing an organization called the “National Coalition For Men” may seem like an unlikely way to advance women’s rights, and to be clear, the ACLU firmly opposes some of NCFM’s positions and activities. In this case, however, we share the common goal of ending an antiquated federal law that harms both men and women. And if the Supreme Court agrees, it could be one of the most significant constitutional advances in sex discrimination law in 25 years.

Like many laws that appear to benefit women, men-only registration actually impedes women’s full participation in civic life. Limiting registration to men sends a message that women are unqualified to serve in the military, regardless of individual capabilities and preferences. It reflects an outmoded view that, in the event of a draft, women’s primary duty would be to the home front — and, on the flip side, that men are unqualified to be caregivers. The Military Selective Service Act not only perpetuates these stereotypes, it enshrines them in federal law.

Yeah, get up in that civic life, you stupid bitch.

Time to go to Iran.

As you might be aware, the ACLU is a Jewish organization, and Jews are also the group attempting to start a war with Iran. So, it is a timely lawsuit. Joe Biden, the senile puppet fake president, recently bombed Syria, and he’s appointed only aggressive Jews to his fake State Department. We’re on a countdown here.

Remember the Meme?

It’s funny, because this was a meme made way back when.

It was joking that Hillary Clinton wanted to draft women, for the sake of equality. (These memes are probably illegal now, actually, because apparently there’s a new law that makes it illegal to joke around about politics – so I’m just posting them for the sake of historical recordance.)

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