Some people to this day still don’t get that the whole Jewish thing is off-limits.

Or maybe it’s just that women don’t understand that anything is ever off-limits. (Please note that I’m thankful for aggressive right-wing kook women, even though they are obviously horrible.)

CTV News:

Members of Vancouver’s Jewish community are reacting to a t-shirt created by a local woman comparing the COVID-19 vaccine rollout to the Holocaust.

Susan Standfield is anti-mask and anti-vaccination. Her Instagram account features numerous videos and photos of her taking part in “Freedom Rallies” in Vancouver and criticizing provincial and federal governments for implementing COVID-19 restrictions.

She’s created a range of t-shirts with messages like “Real men don’t wear masks” and “Immune by nature.”

Her most recent design – a yellow star with the words “COVID Caust” – is causing offence in the Jewish community.

During the Holocaust, the yellow star was used to identify Jewish people, intended to humiliate them and to mark them out for segregation and discrimination. The policy also made it easier for the Nazi regime to identify Jews and send them to concentration and death camps.

The “Jewish badge” goes back to the Middle Ages, and was used to allow other people to know they were Jews and might try to trick them.

Occam’s Razor here: Jews tricking people is a lot more common than white people collectively humiliating an entire group of people for no reason at all (the latter has never happened in real life).

In her most recent video, posted Saturday morning, Stanfield says she used the design to show she is being persecuted for her views – views health officials say are false and dangerous to public health.

“We are the official yellow star class in Canada, so that’s why I made that design,” she says in the video. “People like me that have my values and live my life and say, ‘Well I don’t have to wear a mask and I’m not being vaccinated and I have liberty and democracy,’ we are systematically being targeted.”

Standfield also equates the COVID-19 vaccine rollout to the Holocaust, falsely accusing health officials of knowingly giving people injections that are killing them.

“So the first people getting the vax, who are they? Old, disabled and Indigenous. I mean, do the math on that,” she says.

Dr. Michael Elterman is a member of Vancouver’s Jewish community. He was also the chair of the former Canadian Jewish Congress.

“My first reaction was that it’s irrational, because the whole idea of a vaccine is to save people’s lives and yet this person seems to be associating this logo with the Holocuast, with the genocide of a people,” he said in an interview with CTV News. “It’s irrational, it makes no sense.”

He says the use of the yellow star in this way is offensive.

“They (Standfield) are including probably one of the most horrific pieces of Jewish history,” he said. “It’s a time in our history when we were identified for genocide, it was a hurtful time.”

Contacted by CTV News, Michael Mostyn, CEO of B’nai Brith Canada, the country’s oldest Jewish human rights organization, issued a forceful condemnation of Standfield’s shirts and her rhetoric.

“B’nai Brith condemns, in the strongest terms, this trafficking in Holocaust imagery in order to promote COVID-19 conspiracy theories,” Mostyn said in an email. “There can be no comparison between masks and vaccines, which are intended to save lives, and the cruel murder of six million Jews and millions of others by the Nazis and their collaborators.”

“Some right-wing kook lady on Facebook did a t-shirt – quick, call B’nai Brith!” -The Media

It’s crazy that people think it’s normal to do a top news story on a woman (who is considered to be a kook) selling t-shirts on Facebook, and to interview “the people in the community who are affected” by these t-shirts.

You’d think someone would have to think: “those Jews sure do have an easy life if they have time to get outraged about this t-shirt.”

The shirt is true from a Holocaust denial point of view as well. She’s saying the vaccine is a Holocaust, but coronavirus itself is, like the Holocaust, a fake event.

There is no virus. It’s just the flu. Just like there was no Holocaust. They were just wartime concentration camps.

The United States also put people in concentration camps during World War Two. Here’s a picture from Manzanar in California, where tens of thousands of Japanese people were held after Pearl Harbor:

The key difference was that the Americans didn’t give the Japanese materials to do orchestras, stage-plays and other activities like the Germans gave the Jews.

I don’t think the Japs even had soccer fields.